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 Messiah | Glokk The Trap

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Messiah | Glokk
The Trap

"Ky ima stick my foot so far down yo ass you gon taste the sock that I wore last Tuesday" dooky threatened this female

"I will never fear a nigga nicknamed dooky"she said back I was tired asf Ian get no sleep last night and to think of it Ian have a good sleep in a while

"Damn bae you can't say hey" some female said walking in wit her friend standing next to her "niya where you beeen sis" dooky sister said

Ion no none of they names I just be giving them lil nicknames

"Aye hunchback get me a napkin"I called out to one girl and they all looked at each to see who I was talking to as these niggas was laughing

"India I think he talking bout you" and her jaw dropped and they laughed more "ain never did he just say hunchback" Ron said laughing

She still got it tho...

"Can I sit here?" Hunchback asked and I mugged her "fuck no sit on the floor doggy"I said as they laughed

I'm serious asfk...

"Don't be like da- if you sit here I will kick yo ass of this couch"I looked at her in her eyes so she knew I wasn't playing wit her ass

She scoffed and sat down by mook dem

"Glokk you finna roll"Ron asked handing me some weed and I shook my head "hn" I said putting on sum music in the background of our conversation

As flexing and flashing by simxsantana played they were talking as I said something here and there

Tasia | Tae
The Trap

I walked into the trap seeing everybody here even lil bit and ky I seen that niya girl and her friend here too

"Damn I called you 20 hours ago"cey mugged me

"Ok I was getting my cewchie ate" I mumbled "huh"he said standing up "Mmcht I said I was doing something damn bitch"I spoke up lil louder

I sat next to glokk since that was the last spot "ain't nobody tell you sit yo ugly ass right here" he mugged me "I told myself bitch who gon check me" I said sitting back getting on my phone

He pushed off the couch and I got up and slap the fuck outta him "fuck wrong witchu bitch"I said

He stood up jacking me up on the wall

He so fine...

"Aye man chill out"cey and Ron jumped up separating up "I'm gone beat yo ass"he said "when you ready to leap just jump froggy"I said sitting back down

They was laughing and shit but I'm serious asfk

He sat across from me switching seat wit Ron and I could feel him staring at me but I didn't look

"Two mean ass people in one room wonder how this gone unfold"mook said laughing "Here roll up for me"cey said handing me the weed and some wrap

I need this before I kill this nigga..


We were on our seventh blunt higher den a bitch talking bout unnecessary shit

"You ever wonder wat would happen if somebody ain make tissue wat would wipe our ass with?" Sev explained

"Man no shit"Ron said making all us laugh "Naw fr tho we probably would be using leaf's"cey added "omg we would've had to shit outside like dogs"ky said

And somebody ran in the house

"Omg sev i stg I just got bit by a lil ugly ass chihuahua" his little sister can in holding her leg

"You lying let me see"he asked "bro that's a scratch" he added "bruh I put it on my daddy I got bit"she said "oh you lying for real now could've said anybody else"

"Lemme see"I said and I looked "oh yea that's a bite"I said and Ron looked agreeing with me

" Omg you gon have rabies" I said and tears started to form in her eyes "omg no I don't want rabies" she said crying and they started laughing

"Stop laughing I don't wanna die I'm too young"she cried "you ain gon die shutup" sev said

"That's a scratch"cey said "but I got bit and I know cause I hit the lil hoe"she said "and the bitch ass owner gone walk back in the house after the see me get bit by it"she added

"Ima kill that lil bitch"she said walking back outside


Exuse my mistakes

Any questions so far?

Cey is Vince but Tae call him cey cause she don't like the nickname dooky

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