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Tasia | TaeThe courts

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Tasia | Tae
The courts

"Wussup, where you been?" Cey asked and I mugged

"Mind yours please"I said sitting back

"Ion know how she yo favorite and she mean asl"mook laughed

"She take care of me"he shrugged "lil bit ass don't do nun"he added mugging her

"Boy suck my long John Idgaf bout watchu saying"she said tryna mock me making me bust out laughing

"Man look at her tryna be like me and shit"I smirked

"It don't fit her at all"Ron said

"What happened wit you and glokk yesterday" Tae asked

"Mmcht I sat by his bitch ass and he gon talm bout who told yo ugly ass to sit here so of course me being me I said myself nigga and next thing you kno he kick me off da couch and I got up and smack the shit out of him"I shrugged and they laughed

"Ain nobody ever try my nigga glokk like dat nigga was appalled"Ron laughed

"You a nigga for real huh"Tae asked shaking his head

"Just ghetto" I heard India mumbled and just shook it off ion pay attention to these

Dick sucking whores...

"Aye bring yo ass here"I heard glokk say and looked up to see who he was talking to

"You nigga"lil bit pointed at me and I smacked my teeth getting up walking over to him

"Here hold my stuff for me"he said looking me in my eyes nigga always tryna make eye contact gtfo

I grabbed his phone money and gun from him walking back to the benches

"Oh shit she gotta gun erbody better duck"Ron said

"Mmcht you act like ima magically take it off safety and started shooting random people"I mugged him

"Not she said magically"niya laughed


After watching dem play a few game I started getting tired nd wanted to go home

I seen some jit walking from da side of da building wit water guns and balloons

Outta nowhere dey started spraying erbody ass making everybody run

"My shoesss" niya yelled running to the car I was just laughing my ass off

They wasn't spraying me or nun

They was tagging people wit dem balloons tho got some good ass aim

Glokk came over to me and stood in between my legs looking at me

"What?"I mugging him and he smirked

"I need my stuff duh"he said and I smacked my teeth handing it to him

"Thank you bae"he said walking away and I flicked him off

Nigga don't be claiming me df , thought this nigga ain like me anyways wit his backwards ass

I walked over to his car hopping in the passenger seat seeing everybody in the back wet and I busted out laughing

"Y'all straight?"glokk asked laughing too

"Bruh ain no way they ain't tag y'all ass that's not fair being gods favorite and shit"Tae mugged

"That's crazy cus I was sitting right next to girl tae"niya said

"Damn just calling us girl Tae boy Tae huh"Tae asked

"If I just say tae it's gone be confusing"she mugged him


"Not she mugging you what you did to her"lil asked talking bout India

"Ian do shit to her she better get out my face"I mugged

"Bae"glokk said "bae" "Bruh Tasia I know you here me"he said smacking his teeth and I looked up

"Aw hell naw" cey said

"Not when yall was just bout to fight yesterday" niya laughed

"Bruh yall wild" Ron laughed too

"Ion kno watchall talm bout in single to the T"I said shrugging

"Wow so he just claiming you bestie?"Tae asked and I nodded

"Dellyyyy"I dragged making everybody laugh as he mugged me

"Ain never he delly and yu ain even give him nun"lil bit laughed harder

"I taught you better than that my boy"mook said patting him

"Roll up for me"glokk said handing me the weed and wrap

A few blunts later we off it

"Nah but y'all would be a good couple"Tae said

"That one mean ass couple that make everybody cry"lil said

"They gone be tag teaming hoes hurting they feelins and shit"Ron said

"They a be my 18th reason"niya shook her head making everybody laugh

"Nah for real make a mf suicidal real quick"ky said

I shook my head looking at cey and he looked at me we just stared for a lil bit

"I love you sisterrr"he dragged

"Same brotherrrr"I said

I can't say it back idk why I haven't said it ever since that day and cey understands which is why he don't check me for it

"My baby all grown up"he shook his head

"My noonk noonk"Tae added

"Ain never he just say noonk noonk" mook laughed

I looked around seeing glokk wasn't out here and got up walking to the back I went in his room and it was dark

I took off my hoodie and laid down next to him makin him grab my waist

"Goodnight bae"he said chuckling

"Goodnight glokk"I said

"Call me Messiah"he said and I nodded closing my eyes


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