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Tasia | TaeThe trap

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Tasia | Tae
The trap

"Lemme go with yu" ky asked nd I mugged I wasn't planning on coming back but if she went that mean I would have to

"Um no"I said turning around continuing my walk to the car I felt eyes on me nd I looked across the streets

I saw glokk kissing some girl while starring at me so I mugged him getting in my car

Fuck this nigga looking at...

I was looking for a song I need to update my playlist cause all these songs old and played out

"Tae" I heard and looked up seeing glokk standing at the window "wat"

"Fuck you got a attitude fa"he mugged me opening the door getting in as I mugged him watching his every move

"I missed yu bae why yeen come over yesterday" he asked

"I'm not yo fuckin bae and I was doin sum mind yo business"I said

"Yo peen head ass always mad, yu want some dick?"he asked and I mugged him

"Some head would be nice" I said making a mental note to call my eat eat later

"Shid same over here"he shook his head sitting back in da seat

"Hoe your mad weird coming for my sister over a nigga she ont even want" lil bit spoke looking at India and her lil friends

We was all chilling out side and she brought her friends over here starting unnecessary bullshit

"Ian never say ion like her over a nigga it's her vibe she rude asf ever since I first saw her"India mugged

"Yu been tryna knick wit her acting like we ain hear yu bitch yu not slick"ky said mugging her

"Ok why she can't talk for herself she scary or sum"India bum ass friend stood up tying her hair

"She ain got shit to say to y'all cus she don't fight but I'll sure rock yo shit bout her"lil bit said standing up making cey pull her down

"Aye lil whore, watch yo mouth cus she far from scary yo burning ass bet not touch her like lil bit said cus I'll rock yo shit"cey mugged dem it was bout four of dem just sitting here tryna jump me

"Ion fight"I smirked pulling my gun from my purse sitting it on my lap

"Oh Damn"Tae said

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