~𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒻𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓉𝑒𝑒𝓃~

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⚠️Sexual content;)⚠️

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⚠️Sexual content;)⚠️

I want to kiss her badly. I'm seconds away from grabbing her face and shoving my tongue into her mouth and down her throat

Her body goes weak against mine, her legs give out as she rides the last wave of her orgasm.

I turn her around holding her tightly so she doesn't slip and fall. "What are you do—" I don't let her finish her question as I lift her against the wall she instantly wraps her long smooth legs around my waist.

My hand finds her ass giving it a hard squeeze as a moan comes out of those sexy pumped lips. Fuck the sound she makes drives me crazy.

She drives me crazy.

I left her higher grabbing my hard cock in my hand positioning it at her entrance. My cock is never this hard to the point it hurts around any other woman only when Mila is around me. Just the knowledge of knowing that she's at arm's length has me having a hard-on all day.

My gaze fixed on her pretty pink pussy that shines with her come. I watch as the head of my cock slides inside of her as easily from how wet she is.

I missed sinking into her tight pussy.

"I can't...it's too much." I tear my gaze from her pussy looking up at her flushed face, her gaze burns into mine with so much want and need.

The fuck! She thinks I'm gonna leave this room without me filling her up.

Letting go of my cock my hand comes down hard on her ass as the sound echoes throughout the walls and she lets out a gasp mixed with a cry. I soothe her sore ass with my hand as she melts against me once again.

"Printssas I haven't had this pussy in four fucking years one orgasm isn't going to work," I whispered against her ear earning a shiver from her.

"Give me one more." I kiss along her neck finding her sweet spot sucking as a whimper slips through those sexy lips I want to fuck badly with my tongue. My fingers slide down her stomach then between her smooth lips until I find her clit. Circling two fingers slowly at first then pick my pace wanting to keep dragging thoughts sexy sounds out of her.

I plump a single finger inside of her thrusting in and out. My mouth closes around her perky needy nipple. Sucking, biting, kissing, then repeating it to the other.

I can't get enough of her and her sexy body.

"More Nikolai..." She pleads and fuck I almost give in at that second hearing her beg for more of me.

"Tebe pridetsya prosit' luchshe, chem eto dlya moyego chlena." My finger slips out of her then circles her clit slowly making her gasp then plumping back inside of her.

"You're going to have to beg better than that for my cock."

Mila rolls her hips trying to get my finger deeper inside of her. "Pozhaluysta, mne nuzhen tvoy chlen vnutri menya... pozhaluysta Nikolai." She begged in Russian and fuck that was the sexiest thing I have heard from her mouth. Her Russian accent is soft and sexy all at the same time.

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