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"You had sex

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"You had sex." I snapped my head towards Anastasia who is flipping a pancake in a pan as I chop up fruits.

We're in the kitchen making breakfast as Alina watches Monsters Inc in the living room distracting her until breakfast is ready.

Her question throws me off a little, almost costing me my middle finger that I almost freakin chopped off. My mind instantly goes to Nikolai.

What happened this morning was a moment of weakness. His touch made me weak, making me crave more of his warmth. I haven't had a man's touch in so long. When he touched me it felt like something inside of me blossomed with every kiss, every touch, every him. Something that hasn't happened since...no not going there.

I shake my head not wanting to keep thinking about how good Nikolai's touch felt or what it did to my body.

"No, what makes you think that?" I can already feel my face heat up but I try to play it off cool. Hopefully, she can't see through my lie.

"Well..." She puts her pointer finger on her bottom lip as if she were thinking hard on a math equation. "...you are awfully flushed...pretty sure the whole house heard your screams."

Oh, God! I put my face in both my hands trying to cover myself from this embarrassment. Was I that loud? For crying out loud I know I was loud but I didn't care at the time I was lost in the moment.

"Don't be embarrassed, it is a normal thing to make your wife scream." She said with a knowing smirk as my cheeks grow warmer underneath my hands that are covering my face.

"Can we not talk about this?" I groaned trying to hide my flushed face that doesn't want to cool off. And the memories of Nikolai's touch and words replaying in my head aren't helping.

We sit in complete silence until Anastiate speaks up. "Mila, I know you and Nikolai haven't had the best relationship, but he does care about you deeply. It's just...hard for him to express it out loud. You know cause they say feelings are weakness blah blah blah."

I almost laughed out loud Nikolai doesn't and will never have feelings not for me and not for anyone...well he does for Alina. The way he looks at her with adoration in his eyes and gosh his smile I have never known he had a dimple on his right cheek until I saw it yesterday when he was talking with Alina. Maybe he has changed a little and we can be a happy fam– no I'm not getting my hopes up for them to just be crushed again.

All those stories that they tell you when you're a little girl about Prince Charming coming and swooping you off your feet are lies. In this world, and especially in our lifestyle there isn't a prince charming, there are only villains who will do anything to distort innocent people. One of them being Nikolai.

How could I be so stupid to fall in love with him? And once again I'm letting him get to me letting him have all of me while he doesn't even give me half of him. I'm not gonna let history repeat itself. If he wants all of me he's gonna have to work for it.

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