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August. 8: 30 P.M. Second Week of Senior Year.

Rebecca's POV.

I may get good grades, but that doesn't mean I don't hate to school to my very core. I'm currently sitting criss-cross on my bed, working on some calculus homework. Math has always been one of my strongest subjects, but even I have to admit that calculus is a challenge. Tonight, we're required to do twenty problems for homework, and I'm only halfway through at problem ten.

All of a sudden, I feel a rush of air behind me, followed by the bed dipping down some. I bite my lip, recognizing that rush of air anywhere. But once my eyes land back on my worksheet, I force myself to bring my attention back to my work. I've always been a very hard-working student, and that isn't going to change now. Before anything else, schoolwork must always come first.

I press my pencil to the paper and begin to work the next problem. Suddenly, I inhale sharply at the tingling sensation of stone cold fingers gliding across my cheek, brushing away some stray hairs and tucking them behind my ear.

I look down at my worksheet again and try my best to continue working the problem all while ignoring Edward's small, teasing ministrations. I feel him come closer from behind, the tip of his nose just inches away from my cheek as he inhales my scent.

I manage to finish the first half of the problem when I abruptly stop. I feel his icy lips brushing against my neck, this time before pressing a soft, chaste kiss to my skin. It causes shivers to run down my spine as my entire face flushes red. I can almost see Edward smiling slyly, loving my reactions and the flush of the blood to my face.

He's trying to distract me from my homework, and gosh darn it's working! I won't let him win.

I finish problem ten and move on to problem eleven. As I press the pencil to the paper, I feel his fingers at work again. This time, they're brushing some more of my stray hairs away from my neck and over my shoulder. He keeps his hand on my shoulder before pressing his lips to my neck again. His lips linger there for a moment, blowing a soft puff of air onto my sensitive skin teasingly. My body tingles all over.

Okay, I think I've had enough.

I swiftly turn my head around to face him. "Okay, you're done now," I warn.

He leans in to kiss me, but I press a single finger up to his lips to stop him. He ends up kissing my finger instead, lovingly. I quickly retract my hand away, not giving in to his antics.

I put down my homework beside me on the bed and swing my legs over the side. Once my feet hit the floor, I make my way over to my desk and take out a blank sheet of notebook paper. With it in hand, I walk back over to my bed and sit criss-cross on it once again, but this time facing Edward.

"We need to talk about boundaries," I start, looking him in the eyes.

Edward leans his back against the headboard and crosses his arms. "Whatever you want," he says.

Sometimes when I see Edward in my room, it feels surreal. How could a creature as perfect as him ever love me? And yet . . . he does.

"First off." I begin, writing down a number one on the notebook paper. "You are not allowed to come to my room at night unless I ask you too."

"Even when you're asleep?" he questions cheekily.

"Yes, even when I'm asleep. It's called privacy. Ever heard of it?"

Edward sighs, amusement lacing his tone. "I'll try my best."

"Alright, now, moving on, number two." I write a number two down on the notebook paper. "Only one kiss on the lips per week. The only exception would be on special occasions." I look up at Edward for his approval.

His face is one of surprise, but at the same time full of respect. "As hard as it will be for me, as selfish as I am, I promise I'll do my best to honor this."

A smile forms on my face. What did I do to deserve him? I look back down at the sheet of paper and finish writing down number two. Then I move on to number three. "Number three, from now on I'll be driving myself to school everyday unless I say otherwise." I look to Edward for his thoughts.

He shakes his head in amusement. "What? You don't like my driving?" he asks.

"Your driving isn't the problem, even though sometimes you are a bit reckless," I add good naturedly.

He grins at that.

"I just need more practice behind the wheel. I just got my license a week ago, you know. I can't always have you being my chauffeur."

"Fine," he agrees with another playful shake of his head. "As long as I get to drive you around sometimes."

"Deal," I say before writing down a number four. "Okay, now, number four. Neither of us has to wait for each other to walk to class. I don't wanna be one of those clingy girlfriends."

"It sounds like you're trying to push me away," Edward brings up teasingly. He wiggles his eyebrows. "You know, I know how intoxicating I am to you." He looks me right in the eyes, as if trying to get me to admit some dark, embarrassing secret.

I blush before looking away. "It's not like that. I just wanna be more independent. That's all. As much as you would love it, my whole life can't revolve around you."

Another look of deep respect and admiration comes over Edward's perfect face. "I ask myself everyday why God blessed me with you. How are you so much more mature than everyone else?" he contemplates.

"Now you're just being over dramatic," I laugh. "Let's move on to number five. I promise this is the last one . . . at least, for now."

Edward nods. "Go on."

"Okay, number five, every once in a while you have to eat lunch with me and my friends. I eat lunch with your family all the time, so it's only fair."

Edward sighs. "As much as Mike annoys me, I guess I can endure it." A grin pulls at his red lips. "You run a hard bargain, Bexy."

My face immediately heats up at the nickname. He just started using it after he discovered that my grandparents used to call me Bex. Every time he calls me Bexy, it makes me just wanna shrivel up into a ball and die of fluffiness.

"You're just too cute to be real," Edward chuckles, obviously loving my reactions.

"Stop it," I say, somehow blushing even harder. I pick up the piece of paper with our boundaries list on it and hold it out for Edward to take.

He gently pushes my hand back towards me. "You keep it," he says. "I think I have it memorized."

"I'll be holding you accountable," I remind him. I get up from my bed, taking my calculus homework along with the sheet of paper back to my desk.

I feel another rush of air blow past, and just like that, he's gone for the night.

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