*-Pt. 1: New Partner-*

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☀️Sun POV☀️
I just woke up and realized the daycare will open in any minute! I quickly got up and went up to the stage. I stretched then dove into the ball pit!
Once everyone was here the first thing we did was arts and crafts! It was so much fun seeing what the kids drew, they're all so creative!

"Mr. Sun?" I looked over at the little one. "Yes sunshine?" I bent down and smiled brightly. "I made this for you." He held up a drawing of me.

"Aw, thank you! It looks great! May I hang it up?" The boy nodded and handed it to me. I placed it on the wall next to all the other drawings.

In the middle of arts and crafts, I saw an security guard enter the daycare, who looked like Vanessa. She began to walk towards me. I assumed that she needed to talk to me about something important. I glanced back down at the children. "I'll be back, little ones." I said before walking up to her.

"Sun, you have a new partner." My eyes widened a bit. A new partner? Like another daycare attendant?

"Really?" I said, trying to hold back my excitement. She nodded. "Yes, that's right. You'll be able to meet them tonight." With that, she began to walk away.

Gosh, having an extra pair of hands sounds great! I wonder what they'll be  like. I turned around and walked back to the children.

After arts and crafts, we continued the day with a bunch more games! Hide and seek, tag, EVERY game I could think of! And of course I put on a puppet show. It was so much fun.

The clock hit 6, and it was time for the children to get picked up. I gathered everyone up and led them to the Superstar Daycare Pick Up! It was sad to see them go, but there's always tomorrow!

I slid back down to the daycare and walked over to the arts and crafts table. Before I started to clean I couldn't help but drink a tad of glitter glue. I don't know why I loved this stuff so much, but it's just so good!

I drank at least half the bottle before I put it down. I skipped on over to the other side of the table and cleaned up the toys.

All of a sudden the lights went off. It took my eyes awhile to adjust to the dark but once they did I was a bit more familiar with my surroundings. I was getting a bad feeling, though. Who turned the lights off? I'm the only one here, right?

"Hello? Is anyone there?" I called out, voice softly echoing.

I got no response, or any sound whatsoever, just silence. Out of curiosity, I dropped what I was doing and walked around.

I heard a faint chuckle in my ear that sent chills up my back. I turned around and saw no one there. I exhaled and kept walking. I heard slow scratching coming from one of the slides. I cautiously walked over to the play structures, glancing behind me ever so often. I kneeled down and peeked inside the slide. No one?

I sighed. I assumed that it was all in my head, it could've just been a power outage. I glanced over at the screen with the moving picture of me on it. But that should've been off too, right? I questioned myself.

I glanced over my shoulder, realizing that there was someone—who seemed to be an animatronic—behind me. They immediately grabbed my wrist and tugged my body towards them, cutting off my attempted scream. They grinned down at me while I just stood there, stunned.

"What's wrong, starlight? Scared?" He said, wrapping his other hand around the side of my waist.

His voice took me by surprise. It was very raspy, deep, and much less energetic than the way my voice was. Almost soothing. . .

I pulled my wrist out of his grip. He was very tall—or maybe I just felt short. I studied him.

He looked sorta like me but a moon instead. He had a nightcap on and an outfit just like mine except it was a navy blue with small yellow stars decorated all over. He had bright red eyes that glowed in the dark. Wait, was this the other daycare attendant?

"W-what's your name?" I said, trying to sound less startled. "I'm Moondrop, sweetheart."

"I'm S-" Before I could finish, he cut me off. "Sundrop. I know who you are." He said, taking a step closer to me. Without thinking, I backed away from him, not realizing how close I was to a wall that my back had just hit. He pressed both of his hands onto the wall, along with his knee, trapping me.

He ran his finger down from my chest, stopping at my stomach. He leaned in close. I didn't realize I had been glancing at his lips.

"Are you okay with this?" He said, his voice both seductive and gentle. I nodded. After that, he kissed me on the lips. I felt a mix of emotions. But I loved it.

The kiss seemed to have last forever. It became a bit hard to breathe. I tried to pull out but my body felt a little weak. I felt. . .sleepy? How? My eyelids were heavy. I began to doze off, my body slowly going limp.

3rd person POV
Moon pulled out of the kiss after Sun had fully fallen asleep. He wrapped his arms around him, picking him up. He attached his wire to his back and slowly flew up to the balcony. He pulled the curtain aside, walking inside of the room. He glanced around, studying his surroundings. He found the room pretty cute.

The bed was very low, a red blanket ontop and covered in stuffed animals and decorative pillows. A small desk and a night light in the corner, a circular mirror with lights wrapped around it, and posters and children's drawings tapped to the wall.

He walked over to the bed and laid Sun down. He crawled in with him, pulling him onto his chest. He ran his hand up and down his back, admiring him.

He wanted him for himself. He wanted to do much more with him. But for now, he will let Sun get more comfortable with him. He gave him a peck on the forehead before drifting to sleep himself.

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