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More brother moments for u lovelies 💕

Side note: Sun and Moon (Technically just Sun) can do whatever instead of being kept up in the daycare in this one.

☀️Sun POV☀️
Our week off was over and the daycare was opening back up tomorrow! We didn't do much, but it was nice spending time together! It was already night, maybe around 7 or so.

I was sitting down at the arts and crafts table, drawing a picture of myself while humming the daycare's theme. The lights shut off which made me stop humming. It took my eyes a second to adjust to the dark. I didn't have night vision like Moon did.

I looked around then saw Moon flying towards the stage. "Where are you going?" He stopped then stared at me. "To sleep. Daycare opens tomorrow." He turned back around and continued to fly upward. I watched him then decided I should probably sleep too.

I picked up my drawing. Aww, man. I didn't get to finish it. I could if I wanted to, but I wanted to get a good sleep! I stored it in one of the drawers to finish it some other time.

I used the built in ladder to climb up to our room. Once I got up there I saw Moon laying down with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. I stretched then laid down on my side. Before I knew it, I soon fell asleep.

I woke up around 5:50 and sat up. I looked over at the sleeping Moon beside me. Oh! I nearly forgot we open today! I placed my hand on his shoulder and shook him lightly. "Moony!" He opened his eyes. ". . .What?" He looked at me with a annoyed expression.

"The kids will be here soon!" Once I reminded him he knew he had to get up. I stretched then stood up and walked out of the room. I jumped into the ball pit then quickly crawled out. I skipped on over to one of mats. I sat down and waited for the clock to hit 6.

Suddenly a bunch of loud and energetic kids bursted into the daycare. I got up and greeted all the little ones and their parents. We started the day with arts and crafts! I brought out the glitter glue and the paper, followed with a bunch of other materials.

One of the children walked over to me and handed me a drawing of me and Moon! How sweet. "Aw, thank you! It looks great!" I hung it up on the wall next to all the other creative drawings.

After arts and crafts, we played a ton of other games! Such as hide and seek, story timing, and of course a puppet show! Sadly we had to wrap up Playtime and now it was Naptime. I spotted Moon sitting on top of the stage. I waved at him signaling he should come down.

The lights went dim and I heard Moon's bells jingling behind me. "Alright my little stars, Naptime." All of the children grabbed there sleeping bags and ran over to the nap area.

I sat down in a corner and watched him calm all the kids down. I wonder how he gets them to sleep so quickly. I stood up and walked over to the stage using the ladder.

Once I got up there I had a sudden urge to try something. I grabbed an wire and attached it to my back. If Moon can do this, it shouldn't be a problem for me, right? I stepped over the edge. Oh! This is a lot easier then I thought!

I started to get the hang of it, doing a few small tricks here and there. A few minutes pass by and I already got myself tangled. . .Just when I thought I had it. I tried squirming around but it only made it worse.

🌑Moondrop POV🌑
After making sure everyone was sound asleep I flew up and sat on top of the play structures. I heard some noises from a distance making me immediately turn my head. I tugged on my string and flew towards the sound. I paused for a moment. What the fuck is he doing?

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