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When Moon flirts with Sun but Sun is too innocent.

3rd Person POV
It was Sun and Moon's day off. Sun was casually drinking glitter glue by the kiddy table while Moon was up in their room.

Suddenly, Sun felt a pair of hands on his waist. "Hello, starlight~" Moon said, resting his head on Sun's shoulder. "Hi Moon!" Sun glanced over at him. Moon took his head off his shoulder then made him turn around.

He leaned in closer. "You're so adorable. ." Sun looked to the side and giggled a bit. "Thanks?"

Moon pinned him to the table and was about to kiss him until he was gently pushed back. "Wait, let me finish my glitter glue-" Moon looked at him with an annoyed expression.

He grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in for a kiss, making him accidentally drop the bottle of glitter glue on the floor.

This went on for a few seconds until Moon pulled out and grinned at him. Sun looked down at the bottle. "Awh, my glitter glue." Moon's grin immediately turned into a frown. "Alright, that's it." He picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. "Uh. .I'm sorry? Moon? MOON-"

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