LI. Old Faces, New Names

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"Well, it's have been nice meeting the two of you. See you around then!" Aeri spoke with much respect as soon as she saw Katsumi and Haku preparing to leave.

Both of them just nodded their head as they slowly walked away. She then gave him a school ID with his complete name and picture.

"Continue to lurk around the school. Get as much info as you can. Siren, keep an eye on that girl Aeri. Through her and her friends, find out when and where Heeseng and Minji meet. Oh, and make sure to grab her attention when things may get complicated, you know what I mean? But don't go singing to get her heart, the Puppeteer made it clear to not do that."

Haku simply nodded his head like a servant.

"What about you? What will you do then Succubus?" He asked.

"Oh I'll be having fun elsewhere. Sure I won't get to torment that Jay boy or whatever his name is, but I'll have much more fun hunting a very special boy. Once I'm done, I'll return to the base with the Hunter."

Haku and Katsumi went on their separate ways - both of them carrying out the missions that were given to them by an unknown authority.


"Jungwon, I know you're mad, but you have to understand that what we were about to do was wrong. We never should have thought of that."

A meditating Jungwon in the middle of the music room listened to the annoying voice of a regretful Sunoo.

He has been absent from school for several days. He didn't go to class, and he especially did not show his face to anyone. He often stayed in his apartment room, but today is an exception since Sunoo called for him to say a very important thing.

"You don't need to continue helping me. I don't want your help if it means I have to hurt others." Sunoo added.

"I never needed your help. You were and are absolutely useless. Come back when you can actually help me." Jungwon replied nonchalantly, inhaling and exhaling deeper as he continued to focus his mind.

Sunoo chuckled, shaking his head as he continued to have this conversation with Jungwon.

"I told you, I'm not helping you. What you're planning to do is wrong. I'm on Heeseung hyung and Minji's side here."

Jungwon slowly opened his eyes, gazing at Sunoo's figure, focusing his attention on the other's eyes.

"You picked the wrong side. This will be your final offer." He said, slowly getting up and facing backward, looking at the various stringed instruments behind the grand piano in the room.

"Help me, and all your dreams will come true." Jungwon said in a scheming voice. As he gently touched the piano, he began to elaborate more.

"You'll live your best life if you join me. What is it that you want? Fame? A successful career? Or perhaps...Ni-ki?" He said, turning his head to look at Sunoo once again.

This was exactly like their first deal, except instead of Sunoo making the offer, he is the one receiving it.

Sunoo's heart ached a little bit. Jungwon mentioned everything he wanted. He of course knew that Jungwon can't give him those, but a mere promise was enough to make him second guess the decision he'll make.

Though after a few seconds of silence, he shook his head no, staying strong and staying true to his word of not hurting anyone else anymore.

"You made a mistake."

"No, I made the right decision. You can't do anything without my help, you'll never succeed in making Heeseung hyung and Minji break up."

"Hmm." Jungwon chuckled, then heard multiple voices coming from outside the room. The students swarmed the corridors like bees surrounding a hive - all watching a problematic yet amusing scenario.

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