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☀️Sun POV☀️
I woke up earlier than I usually would on a day off, it was about 5:30. I shot up out of bed and sprinted to the mirror. Freddy promised me he would hang out with me today! He might even do a private show just for me! Should I wear something different? I run to my closet.

I picked up a red and yellow striped sweater, following along with a yellow overall. After putting everything on, I looked at the mirror. This should do!

I decided I would tell Moony that I'm leaving so he doesn't wake up and worry about the fact I'm gone. I haven't quite told him yet. I was too distracted by my own excitement.I walked over to him and gently shook his shoulder.

"Moony! I'm leaving to go see Freddy for a bit, ok?" I gave him a peck on the cheek. I was about to get up until I felt a pair of hands on my waist pull me back down. "Uh, Moon? I have to go. ."He stayed silent.

I tried to squirm out of his arms but he only pulled me closer. "Moon. ." He kissed my neck, then kissed down my spine.

I felt my cheeks heat up. "Moondrop!" I raised my voice a bit. He stopped. I heard him softly groan. He crawled on top of me and pinned me down on the bed. "Can't he wait?" He leaned down and kissed my neck, licking it with his metallic tongue.

"Moony, please. Can you let me get up?. ." There was a moment of silence, Moon still placing kisses all over my neck.

He eventually stopped then looked down at me. "Hmm. .no." He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I gave in and kissed him back. This went on for awhile until he finally pulled out, giving me a chance to breathe.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head down on my chest. I sighed. I wrapped my arms around him and let him cuddle me. Not like I could go anywhere anyways. I could just reschedule my plans with Freddy, not sure how I'm going to explain to him that Moon was holding me hostage.

This is not as long as I would want it to be but hey, it's something 😃

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