*-Not a Child-*

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🌑Moondrop POV🌑
It was about 1am when I had woken up to loud banging coming down from the daycare. I immediately sat up. I looked over to see Sun somehow still sleeping. The loud noise continued so I decided to see what the hell was going on. I stood up and walked out of the room.

Once I got to the balcony, I connected the wire to my back and started to fly down. I didn't see anyone, but the sound grew somewhat louder. As I flew down further, it didn't seem like it was coming from the daycare.

I was desperate to find out where it was coming from, so I flew outside of the daycare. I came across a vent and decided to crawl through it. I opened it and went inside, luckily, none of the security bots nearby noticed me.

The more I crawled through, the louder the noise got. I stopped and peeked through one of the the other vents. It looked like Monty's room. The lights were dim and there was furniture thrown all over. I wanted to get a closer look so I opened the vent and stook my head out. Of course, it was Monty having one of his temper tantrums again.

"Hey, jackass, could you keep it down?" Monty noticed me and threw a hard object at my face pallet. "GAH! WHAT THE FUCK?!" I looked down and realized it had disassembled one of my eyes. It hurt like fucking hell. That bastard and his anger issues.

He didn't stop, though. He continued his loud ass temper tantrum. I groaned. I placed my hand on my face pallet, making me hiss in pain. I started to crawl back to the daycare.

Once I got out of the vent, I walked the rest of the way there. Then it came to me. Shit, how would Sun react? I didn't want him to worry. I sighed then opened the doors.

I summoned my wire then connected it to my back. I floated up to our room, holding my face the way there. Once I got to the balcony, I walked inside and didn't see Sun. I started to panic. Where the fuck is he?

"Moon?" I heard Sun say, startling me a bit. I turned around and once I did, Sun stared at my eye with a worried expression.

"Oh my stars, what happened?" He walked closer to me and cupped my face with his hands, gently running a finger over the broken eye. "It's nothing, Sunny. Don't worry about it." I placed my hand ontop of his and brushed it with my thumb reassuringly.

"What do you mean don't worry?! Of course I'm gonna worry! You poor thing!" He pulled me down, placing my head onto his chest. He rubbed the back of my head with his hand. I sighed. "I'm fine, Sun." I said.

He seemed to ignore me, though. "I'll take you to Parts and Service first thing in the morning! Do you want me to kiss it better?" He held up my face and smiled down at me.

"I'm not a child. ." He leaned down and placed kisses around it anyways. I groaned in defeat. I let him caress my head for the past five minutes. "How about we cuddle?" He asked. "Mhm." I hummed quietly in response. He held my hand and walked into the bedroom.

He sat down on the bed and opened his arms, letting me crawl into them. I rested my head on his waist while he wrapped his arms and legs around me. I felt him turn his heat pads on. He ran his hand up and down my back. I started to feel a bit sleepy with his touch. Soon, I drifted off to sleep in his arms.

3rd Person POV (Bonus)
Sun looked down at the sleepy Moon. He ran his hand up and down his back repeatedly. Shortly, Moon had fallen asleep in his arms. He smiled and kissed his forehead. "Goodnight, Moony." He whispered. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep as well.

Next Day
Staff let Sun and Moon have a day off because of the 'incident' with Moon's eye. Moon was currently in Parts and Service, getting it fixed. Sun had to wait inside the daycare.

He was sitting near the kiddy table, anxiously waiting. He shot up to the sound of the doors opening. He smiled excitedly and sprinted over to the doors.

He saw Moon in the distance. "Moony!" Sun yelled, catching Moon's attention. Sun ran and jumped into his arms. Moon caught him, stumbling a bit. Moon smiled at the sight of his lover. Sun raised his head and noticed his fixed eye. He smiled. He cupped Moon's face and kissed near it.

Moon walked further away from the doors then sat down, setting Sun down on his lap. Sun wrapped his arms and legs around him, hanging onto him tightly. Moon rested his head on Sun's shoulder.

The two sat there and cuddled each other for awhile, until they decided to head to bed to go to sleep.

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