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This has smut.
We're just getting straight into it.

3rd Person POV
It was the end of the day. Sun and Moon had finished cleaning already, the two sitting down on the floor, tired out. Moon would stare at Sun. He wanted him so badly. He wanted to hear his pretty moans again.

Sun noticed and scratched the back of his head in confusion. "Is something the matter, Moon?" Moon snapped back into reality.

He suddenly grabbed Sun and pulled him closer to him, kissing him on the lips. Sun felt surprised from the sudden movement then kissed back.

Moon would slide his tongue into his mouth, making Sun's face glow with a bright yellow. Moon pinned him down onto the floor, still keeping their lips connected.

"M-Moon!" Sun muffled out, placing his hands onto his chest and pushing him back, finally getting a chance to breathe. Moon would let Sun catch his breath. He leaned down and trailed kisses down his neck, making Sun shiver a bit.

He stopped then gripped onto the rim on Sun's pants, tugging on it with one hand, his other being placed on the floor. Sun would look up at Moon. He felt unsure for a moment, then finally made up his mind. "Fine. Just please be gentle. ."

With that, Moon began to slide his pants off. He turned Sun over then took his own pants off, revealing his cyan tentacle.

He positioned himself then slowly inserted his tip into Sun's hole, making Sun let out a quiet moan. He enjoyed it when Moon would be gentle with him like this.

Soon, Moon was halfway inside of him. He would let him adjust before he started thrusting in and out of him slowly.

After awhile of that, he pulled out just to insert himself inside of him again, this time his full size. He thrusted into him, picking up the pace a bit.

Sun would claw into the padding, biting down on his lip. Moon ran his hands down Sun's waist, making a circular motion with his thumbs. He leaned down and kissed his neck, sucking on it.

Sun let out another moan. He would tilt his head slightly, giving Moon more room to tease his neck.

Moon thrusted into him a bit faster, softly groaning due to the pleasure. Sun struggled a bit with holding himself up. He reached his arm back, giving Moon a sign that he needed to hold his hand. Moon did just that, intertwining his fingers with Sun's.

He would continue to place kisses all over his neck. With Sun's moans in his ear, it was hard for him to not be too rough.

He would pick up the pace, kissing down Sun's spine to distract him from any pain. Sun's body soon gave out, Moon having to wrap an arm around his waist to hold him up. Sun still kept his tight grip on Moon's hand.

The atmosphere got hotter, both getting close. Sun would bite down on his lip, his moans getting louder. Moon couldn't hold himself back anymore. He thrusted into him harder and faster.

Sun tightened his grip onto Moons hand, his other clawing into the floor. Moon leaned down and licked his neck with his metallic tongue. "Ngh. . .You're taking it so well starlight. ." He would praise, whispering into Sun's ear. Moon had hit his sweet spot, making him arch his back and moan. Moon realized what he did and attacked that spot harder.

Sun could feel his endo heat up. His tentacle twitched, reaching his limit. "HaH. .~M-MoOn I think I'm gonNa-!" Sun would manage to breath out, his voice shaking.

Moon would reach down and jerk him off, making Sun let out a loud moan. The two came at the same time, Moon letting out a groan before releasing inside of him. Sun had came into Moon's hand.

Moon would give a few more thrusts before pulling out. Sun let go of Moon's hand, letting his whole body give out. They both panted, Moon running his hands down Sun's waist as Sun caught his breath.

He leaned down and kissed him on the lips, making sure he was okay. He would help Sun get his pants back on, then carry him to their room. Turns out they've been at it for an hour, making it 8 by now. He would lay him down on the bed then crawl in with him.

He wrapped his arms around his waist and placed a kiss on his neck. "I love you." He would whisper before closing his eyes. "I love you too."

That was hot

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