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3rd Person POV
It was the end of the day, somewhere around 6:30. Moon was flying around near the play structures, Sun was up in their room. Suddenly Moon could hear a loud scream come from Sun. He quickly flew over to their room to check up on him.

He pulled the curtain aside and saw Sun sitting on the bed, eyes widened in fear, looking down at something on the floor.

"You good?" Sun didn't say anything. He pointed to the floor. Moon looked confused then looked down to where he had pointed, just to see a tiny spider.

He snickered at the sight. He would walk over to the spider and pick it up by it's web. Sun stared at it. "You're scared of this little thing?" He held up the spider. Sun jumped back. "KILL IT!" He yelled, awfully loudly. Moon decided to scare him a bit. (Because he is a great boyfriend ofc) He walked closer to Sun and bent down.

"Kill what? This?" He held up the spider infront of his face and pointed at it. Sun shrieked and fell backwards. He grabbed a pillow and used it as a 'shield'.

Moon tried to hold in his laugh. He eventually bursted out laughing, failing miserably. Sun peeked from under the pillow. "MOON! It's not funny! Just get it away!" Moon couldn't respond, he was just holding his stomach and laughing at him.

Sun stared at him with an annoyed expression. "Are you done?" Moon looked back up at him. He eventually stopped laughing. He held up the spider. Sun jumped a bit."Yeah, yeah. I'll just throw this thing away." He turned around and walked out of the room. Sun felt relieved.

Time skip
Sun and Moon were laying on their bed, aggressively cuddling each other. Moon looked down at Sun, who was smiling, eyes shut and comfortably nuzzled into Moon's chest. Moon suddenly ran his fingers down Sun's spine, making a spider-like motion. Sun jumped at the unexpected movement.

He looked at Moon with an annoyed expression then took his hand off his back. Moon only snickered at him. Sun turned around and scooted away from him. "You're so mean." He threw the blanket over his head.

"Oh, come on, Sunny." He smiled at the sight. He thought Sun was very adorable when he got mad.

He moved closer to him and tried to wrap his arms around him, but Sun fanned his arms away. Moon tried to hold in his laugh. He exhaled.

He grabbed Sun quickly, so Sun wouldn't be able to react fast enough. Moon laid down on his back and pulled Sun back onto his chest. Sun squirmed around, but couldn't get out of his grip. Moon turned his heating pads on, holding Sun close and running his hand up and down his back.

Sun soon gave up. He started to feel sleepy. Moon looked down at Sun and grinned. It worked, and he had fallen asleep in his arms. He kissed him on the forehead. "You're so cute, Sunny. ."

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