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Smut bc I lost control of my life

☀️Sun POV☀️
It was at the end of the day. The day went just like any other day, playing with the children, Moon putting them to sleep afterwards. Everyone had just gotten picked up. I skipped on over to the slide and slid back down to the daycare.

Once I fell into the ball pit, I quickly swam out to clean up. I walked over to the kiddy table and started to clean that first. The kids used a whole lot of glitter glue, and there were materials scattered across the floor.

I scratched the back of my neck. Should I get Moony to help me clean this? I looked around but he wasn't anywhere to be found. Like always. Moon would usually try to avoid cleaning at the end of the day, he rarely helps. I sighed and got to work.

30 minutes or so as gone by, and I finished cleaning the kiddy table. I set the last bottle of glitter glue back into one of the drawers. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand.

I stood up, placing my hands on my hips and looking at the now cleaned kiddy table. I still had to clean the rest of the daycare, though.

I walked towards the toys that had been left on the floor during playtime. On my way there, I passed by one of the slides, then saw something inside of it in the corner of my eye. I stopped. I assumed it was a toy a kid had left in there so I bent down to peek inside of it.

It seemed to be a doll. I reached my arm inside, trying to grab it. I couldn't quite reach it, though. I moved more into the slide, my waist and up now being inside. I tried reaching for it again, but it was farther away than I thought it would be. I grumbled.

I tried to fit more of my body inside of it, one of my legs being slightly lifted off of the ground. This slide was pretty small, smaller than the others, so I had to make my sunrays a bit smaller in order to fit my head through. I reached for the doll once again, this time using both of my arms to grab it.

I huffed and my whole body went limp. I give up. I could just let Moon get it, he was able to fit through the play structures anyway. I tried to pull out of the slide, but failed. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. I tried to get out again, grunting, but I couldn't.

I soon found out I was stuck. I couldn't move my arms at all, and I had to keep my sunrays at the same size they were now if I didn't want to damage them.

I squirmed around once again. "Moon! Moony-MOONYYY!!" I yelled out Moon's name, in hoping he would help me get out of here.

3rd person POV
Moon was sitting on the edge of the balcony, closing his eyes and resting his head on the palm of his hand. He jumped at the sound of Sun screaming his name. He stood up, tugging on his wire and quickly flying towards Sun's voice. He noticed Sun in the distance. His eyes widened a bit.

'What is he doing?' He thought. Once he got close enough, he landed behind him, snickering.

Sun blinked. "Moony? It isn't funny! Help me!" Moon walked closer to Sun. "Ah, sorry, starlight. Sure thing." He said, a toothy grin on his face. He looked down and licked his lips with his metallic tongue.

Of course, Sun couldn't see anything since nearly his whole upper body was stuck inside the slide. He felt Moon's cold hands run down his waist, making him shiver a bit. Moon's hands made there way down to Sun's thighs, massaging them. Sun blushed madly, squirming a bit.

Moon pushed himself up against Sun, grinding against him. He let out a soft groan. Sun quietly moaned, struggling in the tight space he was in.

This went on for awhile until Moon stopped himself. He gripped onto the rim of Sun's pants, sliding them down. Sun shivered at the cold air hitting his lower body. Moon then began to take his own pants off. His cyan tentacle sprung out, tip hitting Sun's entrance.

Sun felt Moon's hard member push up against his hole. Sun started to overheat already. Moon then slid inside of Sun halfway, letting him adjust for a second before thrusting. He started at a decent pace. Sun whimpered loudly, even though Moon hadn't been going that rough. Yet.

He gripped onto Sun's waist tightly, pulling him back and forcing himself further into Sun. Without giving him any time to adjust, he thrusted into him once again, picking up the pace.

"Hah!~ M-MoOny. ." Sun threw his head back a bit, digging his fingers into the slide's surface.

Moon grinned, biting his lip, groaning due to the pleasure. He gripped onto Sun's thighs, giving rougher thrusts, yet keeping the same pace. Sun felt the atmosphere getting hotter inside of the slide, making it harder for him to breath. He could hear Moon groaning and saying swears under his breath.

The daycare theme had been completely blocked out of both of their ears, they could only hear the lustful sounds coming from each other.

Moon thrusted faster and harder into Sun, clawing into his thighs. Sun felt small tears form in the corner of his eyes, his vision getting a bit blurry. He struggled to hold himself up. Eventually, his body gave out, making his sunrays pop back up to there normal size. He winced in pain.

Moon took one of his hands off of Sun's thigh, wrapping it under his waist and holding him up. Suddenly, he hit a spot that made Sun arch his back and let out a loud moan. Moon grinned then attacked that spot, going faster each thrust. Sun had been whimpering, moaning, yelping in pain but pleasure. His tentacle twitched. He was getting close.

"A-aH! MOon I think I'm gOnNa-!" He breathed out, not being able to finish his sentence. Moon gripped onto Sun's tentacle, jerking him off. His hand and his thrusts were going at the same pace. "Fuck. ." Moon felt himself getting close as well.

Shortly, the two came together. Sun had let out a loud moan before releasing into Moon's hand, Moon slammed his full size into Sun before releasing inside of him. Sun panted heavily. Moon wasn't tired yet, though.

He placed his hands onto Sun's waist, gripping onto them tightly. He thrusted into Sun roughly. Sun whimpered in pain, clawing into the plastic.

Moon gave a few more rough, yet slow thrusts before he finished inside of him once again. Sun felt the hot liquid filling him up. They both panted. Moon pulled out of Sun, taking his hands off of his waist and putting his pants back on. He then helped Sun get his pants back on. He let him catch his breath before helping him get out of the slide.

Once he got Sun out of there, Sun's body felt weak, and he couldn't stand up. Moon picked him up and noticed a small dent on one of his sunrays.

There was some scratches inside of the slide from the metal rubbing against it. He looked down at Sun, who had his eyes closed. His breathing was slow and soft. He had fallen asleep. Moon smiled then placed a kiss on his sunray, specifically the one that had gotten a bit damaged.

He checked the time. Turns out they have been at it for nearly two hours. He looked over at the uncleaned pile of toys. He summoned his wire then attached it to his back. He tugged on it, making him fly up.

He slowly flew up to there room, not wanting to wake the jester in his arms. Once he landed on the balcony, he walked inside. He placed Sun down on the bed, pulling the covers over him.

He kissed him on the forehead before walking out. He flew down to the uncleaned part of the daycare. He landed infront of it, then got to work.

Time skip
It was about 10:00 now. Moon had just finished cleaning up the daycare, which only took him about an hour and a half. He flew back up to their bedroom. He walked inside and saw Sun sleeping peacefully. He looked down at him and gently caressed his head.

He eventually stopped, not wanting to wake him up. He yawned then crawled into bed with him, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him close. He kissed him on the forehead before shutting his eyes and soon falling asleep.

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