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3rd Person POV
It was near the end of the day. Sun and Moon were leading all the children to the daycare's pick up. Today had been a bit awkward. Sun and Moon barely talked or interacted with each other, and who knows why.

Anywho, once they got there, many parents started to come through the doors. It didn't take that long until everyone had gotten picked up. Sun walked over to the doors and waved one last time before shutting them.

He sighed then walked over to the slide and slid his way back down to the daycare. He crawled out of the ball pit then over to the kiddy table, cleaning that first, since it would usually be the messiest area. Just when he was about to start, he heard knocking on the doors.

He paused for a second, wondering who it could be. He then walked towards the doors. He opened them and saw Chica. His eyes lit up. One of the glamrocks, who was also one of his friends, just showed up out of the blue? It felt like forever since they've talked.

"Hey Chica! What brings you here?" He smiled, tilting his head to the side.

Chica smiled back before replying. "Uh, Roxanne told me to give this to you." She held up a piece of candy. The rapper was a hot pink, with no design on it whatsoever. It looked strange, like out of place. Ya never judge a candy by its rapper, though.

Sun took it. "Oh, thank y-" Before he could finish, Chica turned around and walked away. Sun blinked in confusion. 'Odd.' He thought.

He shrugged it off and shut the doors. He glanced at the candy, then around for Moon. He was nowhere in sight. He put it inside of his pocket before walking back to the kiddy table to clean.

A good hour or so as went by, and he finally finished cleaning up the daycare. He stretched and yawned. He checked the time. It was 7:30 now, it wasn't that late. He started to walk towards their room, using the rope ladder to get up there.

Once he got up on the balcony, he walked inside of the room, pushing the curtain aside and closing it behind him. He sat down on the bed, back resting against the head of the bed. He then remembered the piece of candy Chica had given him.

He reached his hand in his pocket, searching around for it. Finally, he grabbed a hold of it then pulled his hand out.

His eyes met with the bright pink rapper. He started to open it, revealing a hard candy, a light pink color. He plopped it in his mouth. It tasted sweet, yet sorta strange. He felt something fizzy leak on his tongue.

The candy had been filled with something. He had candy kind of like this before, but something tasted weird about this one.

He shook it off. He decided to draw for a bit before going to sleep.

He got up and grabbed a paper out of a drawer inside of a tiny desk that was in the corner of their room. He set it down on the table, then pulled out a few colored pencils. He sat down and started to draw a picture of Moon.

A few minutes pass by, and the candy has completely dissolved in his mouth. It left a sweet yet bitter aftertaste in his mouth. He started to feel a bit weird, a feeling he couldn't quite explain.

He tried to ignore it, then went back to coloring. He finished his drawing off with a few pink hearts around Moon's head. He smiled at it. That feeling suddenly came back again.

He stood up and walked over to the bed, sitting down on it. The feeling had grown stronger. He was overheating, and his breathing was shakey. Who knew one piece of candy could do this?

He looked down and noticed a bulge starting to form in his pants. He felt embarrassed, all though no one else was there except for him. This confused him, too. What was in that candy?

He gripped onto the rim of his pants, slowly pulling it outward. He was met with a hard cock. His face heated up. He thought about this for a moment. He had never touched himself before, but he had the sudden urge to.

He slid his hand inside and gripped onto his tentacle, making him let out a small moan. He started to move his hand up and down. He threw his head back a bit with pleasure. It felt so good to him, why hadn't he done this before? He started to go faster, losing control over his body.

"Mmh. ." He moaned under his breath. He gripped onto the sheets with his other hand. His legs shook.

He moved his hand faster each time, desperate to cum. He bit his lip. He was going so fast, his hand was starting to hurt. That didn't make him stop, though. His back arched a bit. He felt himself getting close already.

He moaned out Moon's name. His grip onto the sheets grew tighter, and his other hand moved faster.

Eventually, he came onto his chest. He laid down and panted heavily. Once he caught his breath, he sat up and realized what he did. 'What had gotten into me?' He glanced at the mess.

He pulled his pants back up then stood up, legs shaking a bit. He grabbed an tissue and wiped the citrus cum off his chest.

He sighed then sat back down on the bed, mixed feelings about the fun little 'activity' he just did. He had so many questions, too. What in the world was in that candy? Why did Chica—or, Roxanne give it to him?

He looked at the time, it now being 8. He had been a bit exhausted. He was about to lay down and go to sleep, until he saw Moon outside of the room, head peeking out of the curtain. Sun felt a wave of panic and embarrassment wash over him.

"How long have you been there exactly?" He asked in a small voice. Moon grinned then stepped into the room. Sun noticed a bulge in Moon's pants.

Well, Sun was in for a long night.

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