*-A Stressful Day-*

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Here is Moon having to take care of the children when Sun isn't around.

3rd person POV
It was 9:00 on a Sunday. Moon was sitting on the edge of the balcony, head rested on the palm of his hand. Sun wasn't with him right now, and he probably won't be until Monday night. He heard that it was some upgrades that needed to be done.

Sun hadn't been in the best condition for the past few days, he would always be glitching rapidly and some parts of his body would randomly stop working. One time he had glitched out so bad, it scared the children, so they had to get it fixed.

Moon was upset to hear that he wouldn't be back until Monday night, though. He had to deal with it. He also wasn't too happy about having to take care of the children tomorrow when they're all hyper. It's frustrating to him. He prefers them quiet.

He checked the time. He decided to go to sleep. He stood up and walked into the room, closing the curtain behind him. He walked over to the night light in the corner of the room, getting to turn that off since Sun wasn't here.

When he was done with that, he laid down on the bed, shutting his eyes. It was hard for him to fall asleep when he wasn't with Sun. He sighed, turning around and grabbing a plush of him. Shortly, he started to drift to sleep, holding the plush of Sun.

🌑Moondrop POV🌑
I slowly opened my eyes. I groaned then rolled onto my back, stretching. I remembered that I had to take care of the kids today. By myself. I sat up and rubbed my head with my hand. I stood up then walked out of the room.

I summoned my wire, attaching it to my back and flying down to the daycare. I checked the time. 5:50, meaning that I had 10 minutes before those energetic children got here. I sighed and landed ontop of one of the slides, waiting.

Eventually, I heard the doors burst open, following up with loud children. I flew down to all of them. Once I did, they looked at me with an confused expression. "Where's mr. Sun?" A little girl asked, tugging on my arm. I bent down to get to her level.

"Mr. Sun won't be able to make it today, so it will just be me." I said, glancing around at everyone. Most kids looked disappointed.

I sighed and tried to put on a smile. How does Sun do it? How the fuck is he so happy and cheery all the time? I shook it off. Ok, how does he usually start the day?

I glanced around the daycare. "How about we do some arts and c—" Before I could finish, everyone darted past me, heading towards the kiddy table. I blinked, a bit startled. I walked over to them, my feet dragging on the padding.

Back to 3rd
Moon would sit down on the floor with his legs crossed. He watched everybody, resting his head on his fist. He yawned. He started to slowly space out. He heard a loud thud, making him snap back into reality. He glanced behind him.

The cans have been knocked over by one of the children. He grumbled then stood up, walking over to them.

It took him only 30 seconds to stack them back up. The same child reached forward, as if trying to knock them over again. "Don't." Moon said, both firm and calm.

With that, the child walked away, crossing they're arms. Moon glanced around before stepping away from the cans. He sat back down near the kiddy table.

After 20 minutes or so, he checked the time. He stood up. "Alright, who wants to play hide and seek?" Moon said. He wasn't that fond of games, but he did like hide and seek. The children's faces lit up. They dropped what they were doing and rushed over to Moon.

"I'll give you twenty seconds." With that, he turned around and covered his eyes with his hands. He began to count.

Once he was done, he removed his hands from his eyes. He attached his wire to his back and flew up. He flew through the daycare, glancing around. He spotted movement coming from under one of the slides. He flew down to it.

He tiptoed closer. He bent down and grabbed the little boy. "Found you." The boy giggled.

Moon picked him up and carried him over to the ballpit, setting him down infront of it. He walked away to find the other children. He heard a small thud which seemed to be coming from behind a bean bag. He walked over to it. He placed a hand on the top of the bean bag then bent down.

The child whined, knowing that he had been found. Moon laughed a bit then grabbed the little ones hand, bringing them over to the ballpit. He flew back up into the air. He saw a head peeking out from one of the towers. He flew over to it.

He picked a little girl up. She squirmed around in his arms. "NO! LET ME GO BITCH." She yelled, trying to kick him in the chest.

"Ay." Moon said. The girl seemed to not be able hear him over her whining and screaming. Moon sighed then flew down, setting her onto the floor next to all the other children.

She crossed her arms and blew a raspberry. Before Moon could walk away, she tugged on his hat harshly. Somehow, it didn't come off. Moon gently grabbed her wrist.

"Quit it." He said firmly. The girl turned around and walked away, giving a small 'hmph.'

It didn't take too long until Moon had found everyone. After hide and seek, the children asked him to do a puppet show. It took a bit of convincing but he did eventually.

He would use a box to crawl into and stick his hands out of the opening. He used two decorated sock puppets. He would open and close his hand, making the puppet so-called talk. "And that is the reason of why the fuck-" He stopped himself. Too late, obviously.

He cleared his throat. "I mean, that is the reason of why-" Before he could continue, an older boy cut him off. "Did he just say fuck?" He said, giggling a bit at the end.

"HEY. That doesn't mean you should say it." A bunch of kids started to snicker.

Moon groaned. "Ok, can I continue the fucking-" Moon's face dropped, realizing he had swore once again. He sighed, rubbing his temples. He apologized before going back to the puppet show.

Time skip
Finally, it was the end of the long-lasting day. Moon gathered everyone up and led them to the daycare's pick up. Most were excited to leave, some didn't want to. After everyone had gotten picked up, he shut the doors then walked back down to the daycare.

He glanced around at the mess. He sighed. He felt so exhausted, he had no motivation whatsoever to clean right now. He attached his wire to his back and flew upwards, landing on a blue slide. He sat down and rested his head on the palm of his hand.

Suddenly, he heard the doors open, making him jolt a bit. He saw Sun in the distance, entering the daycare. He flew down to him faster than sonic himself.

He landed infront of him then wrapped his arms around his waist tightly, burying his head into his chest and slouching tiredly.

Sun hugged Moon, patting him on the head. "Stressful day?" He asked.

Moon nodded. Sun hummed a giggle then glanced around the daycare. He cupped Moon's face, lifting his head up. "You go get some rest, ok? I'll clean everything up." Moon hesitantly agreed. Sun walked with him up to their bedroom. He kissed Moon on the lips before walking out of the room to clean the daycare.

After an hour or so, he had finished. He stretched then walked towards the room, yawning on the way there. He climbed up the rope ladder. He walked inside, closing the curtain behind him. 

He found Moon sleeping, wrapped with a blanket. He smiled and walked over to the other side of the bed. He crawled in and wrapped his arms around Moon, pulling him close.

"Night night, Moony." He whispered before closing his eyes and shortly going into sleep mode.

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