*-A Little Fun-*

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3rd Person POV
It was at the end of the day. Sun had just finished cleaning up the daycare. He stretched, yawning. "Nhaaa! Today sure was tiring." He said to himself. He walked over to the rope ladder, climbing up to their room.

He pushed the curtain aside, walking inside. He walked over to the bed, rubbing his eye with his fist.

Just when he was about to sit down, something from under the bed grabbed him by the leg, making him shriek and fall onto the ground. He could hear snickering that sounded like it was coming from Moon. He sat up a bit. He saw Moon crawl out from under the bed.

"How dare you." He said, laying back down and rubbing his temples.

Moon crawled his way ontop of Sun. He waited for Sun to recover. He then leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Sun blinked then kissed back. Moon shortly pulled out then gripped onto Sun's waist.

He attacked his neck, kissing and sucking on it. Sun jolted a bit. "Mmh. ." He wrapped his arms around Moon's neck.

This would go on for awhile until Moon stopped. Sun whined at the loss of touch. Moon chuckled then picked him up, carrying him to the bed.

He set him down then crawled back ontop of him, leaning down and softly kissing up his neck. He then gave Sun a kiss on the lips before flipping him over.

Moon gripped onto Sun's pants, but Sun stopped him. "Moony, no. I want to be able to walk tomorrow." Sun said, laying back down on his back.

Moon wrapped his arms around Sun then set him on his lap. "Alright, fine. But how about we do something else?" He said, placing a kiss on Sun's neck. Sun was curious. "Like what?" Moon grinned. He set Sun aside.

"Get on your knees." Sun felt confused, but he got off the bed then sat on his knees anyway. Moon sat down on the edge of the bed, infront of Sun.

Moon then slid his pants off, his tentacle sprung out right up to Sun's lips. Sun stared at it, blushing a deep yellow. Moon held Sun's cheek, making him look up at him. "Suck." Sun glanced at his cock. He had never done this before.

Moon then gripped onto one of Sun's sunrays. He didn't move his hand, but he kept his grip there. Sun leaned down then fit the tip inside of his mouth. He took one glance up at Moon. He fit atleast half of it into his mouth before he started to slowly suck on it.

Moon softly groaned. Sun bopped his head a bit faster, trying to please Moon.

After awhile of that, Moon suddenly pushed Sun's head down all the way, cock hitting the back of Sun's throat. Sun choked a bit, gagging. He started to suck on it, struggling to breathe. He gripped onto the carpet for support.

"Look up at me." Moon breathed out. Sun did just that, still sucking on Moon's cock. Moon started to make Sun suck faster, his grip onto his sunray tightening. Sun felt small tears form in the corner of his eyes.

Eventually, Moon pushed Sun's head all the way down onto his cock before releasing inside of his throat. Sun choked and muffled out a whimper. Moon pulled out of his mouth, letting go of his sunray. Sun coughed. Drool and cum could be seen dripping out of his mouth.

Moon reached down and wiped the cum off of Sun's chin with his thumb, sticking it into his mouth. Sun swallowed it.

He felt exhausted, and his throat hurt. Moon pulled his pants back up then stood up. He bent down and picked up Sun. He set him down onto the bed, crawling ontop of him. He gripped onto Sun's pants, slowly sliding them down, revealing his tentacle. Sun was still panting heavily, he struggled to talk.

Moon placed a kiss on Sun's thigh then leaned down and wrapped his tongue around Sun's cock. He then fit his whole size into his mouth. He sucked him off at a fast pace, making Sun let out a moan.

Moon looked up at him, enjoying his reaction. He smirked as he sucked on his cock. Sun gripped onto the sheets. He felt himself start to overheat.

It didn't take that long until he released into Moon's mouth. Moon swallowed all of it then pulled out. He placed kisses up Sun's waist, stopping at his chest. He then bit down on his neck, making him moan.

He let go of his neck then kissed him on the lips. Sun gripped onto Moon's shoulders and kissed back.

Eventually, Moon broke the kiss, leaving a strain of saliva connecting from their mouths. Sun sat up and pulled his pants back up. Moon crawled closer to him then placed a finger under his chin, lifting his head up. He gave him another kiss on the lips.

"I love you." He said, grinning down at the flustered Sun. "I love you too."

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