*-Midnight Snack-*

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3rd person POV
It was near 12pm. It was a Saturday, meaning it was Sun and Moon's day off. Sun was sitting at the kiddy table, coloring. He felt a pair of hands on his waist pull him back.

He looked over his shoulder and saw Moon. Moon set Sun on his lap. He leaned down and placed a kiss on his neck. Sun kissed his forehead in return then went back to coloring.

A few minutes pass by. Moon suddenly picked Sun up. He attached his wire to his back and started to fly up to their room. Sun was a bit confused. He checked the time, realizing how late it was. He nuzzled into Moon's neck, placing a kiss on it.

Once Moon got up to their room, he walked towards the bed and laid Sun down. He crawled into the bed himself, wrapping his arms around Sun, spooning him.

Sun glanced over at Moon with a soft smile. He gave him a kiss on the lips before getting comfy and closing his eyes.

Just as Sun was about to go into sleep mode, he felt Moon's cold hands on his hips, one finger gripping onto the rim of Sun's pants. This caused Sun's eyes to shoot open.

"Moon. ." He said. He closed his eyes once again, wanting to sleep. Moon leaned in closer and started to kiss Sun's neck. Sun looked at him with half shut eyes. He sighed and let Moon do whatever.

Suddenly, Moon grabbed Sun and pinned him down, making him let out a soft gasp. He gripped onto the rim of Sun's pants and slid them down. Sun's whole face turned into a bright yellow in embarrassment. "M-Moony, I'm tiRED! HAH!~" Moon had slid his whole tongue into Sun's hole.

Sun gripped onto the sheets and threw his head back. Moon moved his tongue in and out of Sun, looking up to see his reaction.

He gripped onto his tentacle, jerking him off at a face pace. Sun's mouth hung open. Drool could be seen running down it. He had been overheating already.

"H-HaH!~ MOoN!" Moon knew he was close. He stopped jerking him off, edging him. He grinned then started to move his tongue in different directions, searching for Sun's sweet spot.

"Mm. . .a-aH~" Eventually, he hit a spot that made Sun arch his back and moan.

He extended his tongue to be deeper inside of him. He attacked that spot, swirling and thrusting his tongue. "AH! I-IM GONNA!~" Sun couldn't finish his sentence. He released onto his chest.

Moon pulled his tongue out of Sun, his hole being left wet. He looked down at him with a grin. Sun panted heavily, trying to cool down.

Moon leaned down and ran his tongue along Sun's chest, licking off the cum and swallowing it. He helped Sun get his pants back on, then laid back down with him.

He wrapped his arms around Sun, pulling him close. "I hate you." Sun said tiredly, giving Moon a weak nudge on the chest.

Moon smiled, knowing damn well Sun was lying. "I love you too." He said. He gave Sun a kiss on the lips before going into sleep mode. Sun seemed a bit annoyed. He shortly did the same, nuzzling into Moon's chest.

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