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3rd Person POV
It was a normal day at the daycare. Sun playing with the children as usual. He looked up and noticed some teens on the other side of the window, making fun of his looks and flipping him off. Sun's heart skipped a beat.

He tried to bring all the children's attention to him, making sure they don't look over there.

The glass was not very sound proof, so he could hear their rude comments. He tried his best to ignore it, but he couldn't. Small tears formed in the corner of his eyes. He tried to choke it back. Those tears grew bigger, until eventually, they were drops running down his face.

Moon noticed the teenagers, and what they were doing, which disgusted him. He walked over to Sun and the children. He bent down and placed a hand on Sun's shoulder, causing Sun to turn around. He realized he had been crying.

It wasn't that noticeable, but Moon could tell. Moon didn't say a word. He simply wiped his tears away and walked away. Sun sniffed, smiling again for the children.

Suddenly, the lights went off. Sun was confused. He checked the time. It was nowhere near Naptime.

🌑Moondrop POV🌑
I turned the lights off, just so the children won't be able to see anything. I attached the wire to my back and flew out of the daycare. I was able to see the group of teenagers clearly. As for them, it was harder. I landed on my feet and walked over to them from behind.

I placed my hand on one of their shoulders. They turned around. I could see the fear on their face once they saw me, making me smile.

I grabbed their arm and twisted it until it broke. They screamed in pain. The other two just stared at me, backing up. I tightened my grip onto their arm and pulled them towards me. "Leave." I said. I then let go of their arm. They immediately ran away, holding onto the arm that I broke.

The other two were about to run away as well, until I stopped them. "I'm not done."

Back to 3rd
Meanwhile Moon was taking care of the group of teenagers, Sun was trying to keep the kids attention on him. He was covering some of the kids ears from how loud it was. He sighed.

Most of the children were fine. They had been coloring peacefully, like nothing was happening, which honestly made Sun a bit relieved.

After 30 minutes or so, the lights turned back on. Sun saw Moon in the distance, flying up to their room. He decided to not question it for now.

Time skip
The day was finally over. Sun and Moon had finished cleaning. Sun checked the time, realizing it was getting a bit late. He yawned, walking over to the rope ladder.

Once he climbed up to the balcony, he walked inside of their room, closing the curtain behind him. He walked over to bed and laid down. He saw Moon walk inside as well. Moon sat down next to him. Sun crawled over to him, wrapping his arms around him.

Moon wrapped his arms around Sun, pulling him close and closing his eyes. Sun took Moon's hand in his, holding it close and turning his heating pads on. He noticed a few small red stains on the tip of his fingers. He glanced up at Moon.

Moon's eyes widened, realizing he forgot to take the stains off. "What did you do?"

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