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Important lil side note: I head cannon a lil design in the daycare that there is a spot in the corner with curtains and pillows inside that is used for timeout

3rd person POV
It was near the middle of the day. Sun was doing arts and crafts with the children. He checked the time, realizing it was 4:10, meaning Naptime was soon. He glanced around for Moon, but couldn't see him anywhere.

He shrugged it off. He was probably up in their room or something.

After 20 minutes or so, he checked the time once again. Naptime was in any minute, so he decided that he should probably go look for Moon.

"I'll be right back, sunshines." He said to all the children, standing up. Sun began to walk around the daycare, looking for Moon.

He would glance up at the balcony once again—just to see if he would be there. But he wasn't. He started to worry. He continued to walk.

He was suddenly grabbed and pulled into the timeout corner, making him let out a shriek. He was cut off by a cold hand covering his mouth. He felt confused and scared, sense it had been a bit dark. Suddenly, he heard familiar soft snickering in his ear.

"Moon? Is that you?" Sun asked, taking Moon's hand off of his mouth. Moon hummed, as in yes. He turned Sun around, making him face him and setting him on his lap. He glanced at him up and down.

Sun felt something poking him from under him. He looked down then realized. "Um, Moon, are you. ?" He asked, trailing off.

Moon pulled Sun closer to him. He kissed him on the lips. He slid his tongue into his mouth, taking Sun by surprise.

"Moon, I would, but not now." He said, pulling out of the kiss. He was about to stand up until Moon pulled him back down on his lap. "Please?~ I'll make it quick." Moon said, desperate.

Sun thought for a moment. "Can't you just jerk yourself off?" He said, staring at Moon blankly. "Uh, no. I need you." Sun felt it poking him again. He gave in. "Fine."

Moon smiled. He gripped onto the rim of Sun's pants, sliding them down. He began to take off his own, revealing his hard tentacle. He placed his hands onto the sides of Sun's waist, positioning himself.

He inserted the tip inside of him. Sun moaned under his breath. Moon glanced at him, knowing it was gonna be hard to keep him quiet.

Moon was now halfway inside of him. He let him adjust for a bit, then started to thrust into him at a slow pace. Sun wrapped his arms around Moon's neck, pulling him close. Moon placed a soft kiss on his neck.

He reached down and lightly ran his finger up Sun's member. Sun moaned. "Moon, please, just, hurry." He breathed out.

Moon smiled. "As you wish." He placed a finger under Sun's chin and lifted his head up, kissing him on the lips. He gripped onto Sun's waist and thrusted into him faster. Sun muffled a loud moan. Moon slid his tongue into his mouth, trying to keep him as quiet as possible.

The atmosphere seemed to be getting hotter by the second, and it didn't help in the tight space they were in.

Sun wrapped his legs around Moon's back tightly. He pulled out of the kiss for air. Moon let him catch his breath before kissing him again. He ran his hands down Sun's waist, brushing a finger on his inner thigh.

Sun clawed into Moon's back. Moon hissed out of pain, but ignored it. He pulled out of the kiss then bit down harshly on Sun's neck. Sun moaned out of both pain and pleasure. He realized how loud he was being and placed his hand ontop of his mouth, shutting his eyes tightly.

Moon kissed his neck. He gripped onto Sun's cock, jerking him off at a decent pace. Sun threw his head back. "A-aH!~"

Moon pressed a finger against Sun's spine, running it down to his tailbone. "You're going to have to keep quiet, starlight." He said.

Sun leaned into Moon's neck and bit down on it, trying to keep any moans from coming out. Moon placed a kiss on his forehead, picking up the pace. Nothing could be heard now except for small whimpers and moans coming from Sun.

Sun arched his back, his eyes widening slightly. Moon knew he was close, and he felt the same. He'd give more rougher thrusts, groaning under his breath from the pleasure.

Sun had been digging his teeth into Moon's neck quite harshly, causing a sharp sting for Moon. But he couldn't care at the moment. All he wanted was to cum inside of him.

Sun wrapped his legs around Moon's back tightly. Moon would sloppily thrust his full size into him a few more times before finishing. The two had came at the same time—Sun releasing onto Moon's chest, Moon releasing inside of him.

They sat there for a bit, catching their breath. Sun released his bite on Moon's neck. Moon huffed, slowly sliding out of Sun. He'd brush his finger over the cum on his chest, licking it off.

He glanced down at Sun, noticing the mess he had created. He would gently push him down, making him lay on his back. He'd spread his legs apart and lift them over his shoulders.

He would extend his tongue and slide it into his hole, cleaning him out. Sun covered his mouth with his hand, trying to keep from letting out any moans.

Moon shortly pulled out. He crawled ontop of Sun, removing his hand off of his mouth. He lifted up his chin, giving him a kiss on the lips. "Thank you."

After that, he'd help Sun get his pants back on—along with his. Sun grumbled, rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hands—a bit tired from everything.

"What time is it?" He'd ask, looking at Moon. Moon would check for him. "Five."

"The children!" Sun would realize. "Come on—they must be so confused. . ." He'd go on, voice fading away as he would hurry out of the curtains.

Moon watched. He stood up, brushing his legs. He felt a sudden sharp pain in his neck. He'd place his hand onto it, immediately realizing it was from Sun. He'd know that would probably bother him throughout the rest of the day.

He would walk out of the curtains, spotting Sun in the distance, handling children. Naptime should be starting by now. He'd get that over with, and hopefully by the end of the day they'd go for a round two.

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