*-Date Night-*

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☀️Sun POV☀️
I was sitting down on the edge of the balcony, swinging my legs rhythmically. It was our day off and Moon was still asleep, so I didn't have much to do. I overheard a conversation that him and Chica we're having yesterday.

I was swimming around in the ballpit. I noticed Moon in the distance by the doors, he looked like he was talking to someone. I crawled out of the ballpit and walked over to him just to get a closer look.

I kept a safe distance so that way he wouldn't be able to see me. I realized that he was talking to Chica.

"So, do you think it's a good idea?" I heard Moon say. What idea? "Yes, you idiot. I told you many times." Chica responded. There was a short pause until I heard Moon clear his throat.

"Ok then. You guys have everything, right?" Chica groaned then chuckled a bit. "Yep. Trust me, he will love it." Who's he? Who are they talking about?

"See you then." She said, waving and walking away. Moon shut the doors then turned around. I panicked a bit, not wanting to seem nosey. I rushed back over to the ballpit.

End of flashback
I feel so confused. I wonder what they were talking about. I felt a hand on my shoulder, making me jump a bit. I glanced behind me and saw Moon. I smiled at the sight of him.

"Morning!" I greeted. Moon gave a hum that sounded like 'morning.'

He sat down behind me, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling me onto his lap. I placed my hand on his cheek and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I let him cuddle me for a little while, quietly humming along to the daycare theme.

Eventually, though, I got a bit bored. I looked over at Moon. "Moony, can I get up please?" He opened his eyes slightly. He nodded and let go of me, letting me stand up.

I walked inside of our room, closing the curtain behind me. I glanced around, thinking of things to do. I guess I could draw. I walked over to the small desk, opening a drawer and pulling out a piece of paper. I picked up a colored pencil and began to doodle.

3rd person POV
Moon was just sitting on the edge of the balcony, tired as hell. He heard a loud knocking on the door, making him jolt. He stood up and attached the wire to his back, flying down. He landed infront the doors. He opened them and saw Chica holding a cardboard box. "Hey! Here's the clothes." Chica said.

It took Moon a second to process, then he finally remembered. "Ah. Thank you." He took it from her.

"Wait, what time is it?" He asked. Chica blinked. "It's twelve. It's in an hour, ya know." She said, showing no expression whatsoever.

Moon's eyes widened slightly. "Right, right." Chica smiled at him then walked away. Moon shut the doors and quickly flew up to their room. Before walking inside, he peeked through the curtains. He saw Sun, sitting on the floor, back facing him. It seemed like he had been drawing.

Moon walked inside, placing the box down on the bed. Sun must have heard him. He turned around and glanced at Moon, then the box. "What's that?" Sun asked with a smile, pointing at the box.

Moon started to unfold the loose pieces of cardboard. "Come over here." Sun stood up and walked over to Moon, standing besides him and peeking over his shoulder.

"Starlight, I want to treat you with something." Moon began. Sun looked at him, taking his attention off of the box. Moon placed his hands on both sides of Sun's waist, stepping closer to him. "That's why I'm taking you out tonight."

Sun's eyes lit up. He cupped Moon's face with his hands and smiled. "Really?" He said, trying to hold back his excitement.

Moon nodded and gave Sun a soft peck on the lips. "We have an hour to get ready, so I would be putting on the suit if I were you." Sun seemed a bit surprised. He walked over to the box, peeking inside of it.

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