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a/n: welcome to lesbian oneshots!! thank you so much for wanting to read my book! xoxo

september 5th, was the day karissa bardsley, your wonderful girlfriend was turning 27. of course, you being yourself, were going to make it a big deal.

"i swear i don't want anything!" karissa says, looking at you from across the table.

"kay i'm not, not getting you anything for your birthday!" you say, taking a sip of your coffee.

"you're stubborn as hell baby."

"i'm stubborn? really?"

"yup. you are."

karissa was a 5'9 muscular young woman with slightly small boobs. she was all about working out and staying healthy, that was when she wasn't teaching 4th graders. she took pride in the things she loved most, which included family (the exception of her younger brother hunter, which according to her was "a waste of sperm") and of course, you. in her eyes, you were everything. you were the person she wanted to be, the perfect picture of beauty and everything she did, was for you.

"hm, that's funny. because i'm not the one who put off getting her brother a birthday gift because you were fighting."

"morgan you know how i feel about hunter."

"stop you literally love him to death."

"okay yes but he actually pisses me off sometimes."

"don't pretend you don't."

"okay you're right. my bad."

"what do you want for your birthday? don't say nothing because i swear to god love."

"a nice dinner would be lovely."

"see! it wasn't that hard! that's what we'll do then. where do you wanna go?"

"surprise me!"

"okay love." you say, making a phone call, and making reservations to the steakhouse a couple towns over. "i reserved us a table at ruth chris' steakhouse for 6:30, okay?"

"thank you gorgeous." karissa says, smiling.

"of course love." you say, kissing karissa's lips.

when 4:30 came around, you decided to get ready, so you looked perfect for your date night.

you play some music and sing in the shower as you wash your hair and body. karissa stands over the sink, washing her face, and doing her skincare. "christ! you scared me!" you say, stepping out of the shower.

"sorry, ma. i didn't mean to scare you." karissa says, slightly laughing in the mirror.

"don't you dare laugh at me!!"

"sorry." karissa says, smiling. "can i do your hair?"

"you wanna brush my hair?" you say, looking at your girlfriend.

"yeah, is that okay?" karissa asks, holding a hairbrush.

"of course. i'm telling you right now though, it's a lot."

"that's okay." karissa says, pulling over a chair for you to sit in. she starts brushing it, and goes soft. "am i hurting you, morgan?"

"no, you're doing great my love." you say, watching your girlfriend focus on your hair.

"okay. just let me know if i am."

"i will."

karissa brushes your hair, and french braids it, to match hers. "you look so cute lovely." karissa takes a picture.

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