accusation. (tw)

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"i can't believe you, karissa! are you seriously accusing me of cheating?!" you say, frustrated.

"why are there other women in your phone. it's just a question." karissa says, calmly.

"they're my friends, for fucks sake!"

"really? your friends tell you how much they love you and how they can't wait till you're alone again?!"

"karissa-it's not what you think."

"fucking liar. so-what-what is it?! am i not enough for you?! do-do you want more?! fucking money?! sex?! what is it?" karissa says, raising your phone in the air.

you look at karissa in silence.

"answer me!" she yells, trying not to cry.

you take a moment to breathe, in and out before speaking. "the-the one on instagram, she's-she a nurse, she works at a clinic that i was thinking about transferring to. and uh-the-the other one. that's a girl from high school-kelsey. s-she makes handmade jewelry and stuff-i was texting her about making a necklace for you." you say, trying to stop shaking.

"that still doesn't explain why you're saying i love you and shit, morgan! i bet you can't explain that, huh?" karissa yells, slamming your phone on the counter.

you start crying, wiping the mascara on the sleeves of karissa's sweatshirt you were wearing.

"mm, yeah. that's what i fucking thought. keep crying, you fucking cheating bitch."

"baby.." you plead, hoping for a response.

"don't fucking baby me. i'm going to grab a drink. see you later, dirty whore." karissa says, looking you up and down. she grabs her brown coat off the rack, and slams the door as she walks out. you stand alone in the dark living room, staring at the door.

it felt hard to breathe. you didn't cheat. you would never do that. you loved karissa, she was your whole life. she was the glue keeping the shattered pieces of your life together. the last thing you wanted was for karissa to think of you as a cheater, and the fact she did broke your heart.

you sat on the couch, sobbing. you wanted to tell karissa that she was wrong, that you didn't cheat, and that you were sorry. your phone rings in the kitchen, and you hesitate before getting up and answering it. hunter.

"morgan! what the fuck is going on? karissa's over and she's a fucking mess! what the hell happened?"

"hey-um we-we had a fight and-"

"oh." hunter says, cutting you off.

"and uh-i'm sure she's told you all about it."

"morgan she's fucking sobbing. i-i don't know what to do."

"she's crying?"

"yes! god she's saying that she can believe you'd do something? christ, what did you do?"

"she thinks i cheated."

"CHEATED?! YOU?! has she gone mad?! fuck, i'll talk with her."

"hunter you don't-"

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