fruit salad

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I stood at the kitchen sink, washing the fresh produce I had gotten at the farmers market. Strawberries, cherries, apples, mangos. I wanted to make a giant fruit salad for when Harry got home. He had been working late nights in the studio all week, and today was the first night he would actually be home early. I wanted nothing more than to spend time with him, having him hold me. Being his girlfriend with his schedule was often tough, but he was worth every moment of it.

Once I had finished washing all the fruit I moved over to the kitchen island, pulling out our giant wooden cutting board and starting to cut up the fruit. I would pop some in my mouth as I went, enjoying the sweetness against my tongue. As I chopped I heard the front door open, Harry walking in. His hair was tied up in a bun, loose black shirt and grey sweats on his body. He was always so handsome to me this way. I loved a man in a suit, but with Harry, sweats and nothing else was his best outfit.

"Hello darling," he smiled at me, taking off his shoes before walking over to me. I turned and looked at him as he approached, he leaned in, kissing me gently. His lips moved on mine slowly, and though the kiss ended, his lips lingered on mine. I smiled against it, feeling him smile too.

"I've missed you today, Lacey, a lot." He whispered, pulling away and leaning back against the island. I couldn't help but notice how his arm muscles flex med as he held his weight up.

"I've been missing you this entire week if we are being honest." I smiled small, popping a piece of mango in my mouth. He opened his mouth at me causing me to giggle and I grabbed a piece, feeding it to him. He caught my hand as I did, licking the juice of fruit off my fingers.

I narrowed my eyes at him a bit, pulling my hand back, "Behave yourself, Harry Edward."

"I'm afraid I don't know how, Lace." He smirked, a devilish dimple on his left cheek.

I rolled my eyes, pushing away from the island to wash my hands before coming back to cut more fruit. As I did, he slipped behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder.

"Is this dinner?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, I hope that's fine? I can also grill some salmon if you want." I said, chopping up some kiwi had left before it went bad.

"Mmm, no, this is fine darling." He said, his face turning and kissing my neck, slowly at first, the tip of his tongue teasing small licks on my neck, each met after with a kiss.

I inhaled sharply, my grip tightening on the knife as I licked my lips. He knew what he was doing and I knew what he wanted; but I wanted to make him work for it.

"How was the studio?" I said, holding my voice steady, though I could feel my stomach tighten.

He chuckled a bit, "Good actually. I finished two tracks. Just ten more to go."

"You got this baby," I said, as he reached over and grabbed a strawberry. He brought it up to my lips and I took a bite out of it. As I chewed it, I felt him run the strawberry down my neck, the juice spreading across it. His lips soon began sucking down my neck, his tongue licking up the mess he had made.

"Harry, what are you doing." I said, my grip loosening on the knife, my eyes fluttering close slightly.

"Mm, nothing." He breathed against my neck, his voice so low and deep, nipping at my neck gently, "Just enjoying my dinner."

I shook my head a bit, biting my lip, "It's not even ready, you're going to spoil it."

"Mm, I'm just helping with the preparation, that's all." He said, his voice still low. He popped the rest of the strawberry in his mouth, as his other hand began moving down my waistline, around to the front of my stomach. He moved it further down my front, his fingers teasing along my center, causing my legs to squeeze together, the knife dropping from my hand completely.

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