two's company, three's a workout.

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"Just give me two more, Katie, come on." Brad said, his accent the only thing motivating me, guiding me through the last two push ups.

He placed his hand on my stomach to help me, my arms trembling. His touch didn't really help, it only made me squirm more. When I first started training with Brad I could barely get through one, now I was close to being able to do one hundred in one go. As I pushed through the final one, I felt my arms give out, Brad's hand stopping my drop from being too harsh.

He chuckled as I rolled over on my back, letting my arms hang out on either side of me, "What did I tell you? Gonna have arms of a boxer soon." He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes, sweat dripping down my forehead.

"Fuck me, Brad. If I have arms left after you're done with me." I said, wincing as I sat up, leaning on my elbows, I rolled my sweater up to allow some air to hit my stomach, my abs burning as well. I caught Brad's eyes on me like they had been a lot lately, taking me in. I could say he was admiring his work, but the thought alone drove my warmth insane, my legs squeezing together, so I instantly pushed the idea away.

"That would be inappropriate now wouldn't it," he smirked and I playfully shrugged, giggling a bit, "You're getting strong though Katie, I can tell on your body when you're not all covered up."

I looked up, catching a small smirk on his lips, making me roll my eyes, "Not nearly as toned as you Brad." I said, laying back down to avoid his gaze.

He chuckled, running his hands through his hair, our flirty banter a new part of our daily work out routine as well. so many new things, each exciting me more. He took a deep breath, clapping his hands together, moving to divert the conversation to the next thing.

"So, I hope you don't mind if we combine your cardio session with my next client, I kinda double booked the times. I know he won't care, but I know you get nervous." He said, walking over and cleaning off the treadmills with a wet wipe.

"I hate running in front of other people, you know that....but I guess." I said, slowly standing to my feet. I walked over to the treadmill and began stretching, moving into a lunge position. I felt Brad's eyes on me, it was like they were burning a path anywhere they landed. I had to remind myself that it was literally his job to watch me through my exercises; make adjustments so I don't hurt myself. He walked over, standing behind me, placing his hands on my hips, pulling me back and lower in my position.

"You gotta sit back like this, so you really feel the stretch here." He said, his middle and pointer finger running along the front of my thigh. I swallowed and nodded as he kept his hands on my hips, holding me in that position.

Lately it wasn't only his eyes that lingered, it was his touch too. On my waist, on my arms, my hips. Somehow, he remained professional while doing it, never crossing too much on a line, which only made me want to squirm even more at the thought he was starting to see me differently. At the thought that one day he would cross a line that I would find so much joy in.

"Is that the only place I should feel the stretch?" I asked, licking my lips. I knew exactly where, but wanted his fingers to move on me again.

"You should feel it, here." He said, his fingers moving along the back of my extended thigh, "Here too," he said, running his fingers along the under part of my bent leg, creeping dangerously close to my inner thigh as he did.

"And here too, right?" I said, moving my hand slowly over my ass, peeking up at him.

He swallowed and nodded, "There too."

I had signed up for personal training classes, specifically because Brad was who he was. Tall, mysterious and incredibly handsome. His body, was something my eyes could stay glued to all day if he allowed. Deep cuts of muscle that you wanted to trace, sink you teeth into. Eventually it became more than just a thing I started because I was well...horny and attracted to Brad. The more I worked out with him, the better I felt about myself. The stronger I felt and soon, I was coming more for the actual work out than just to be around him.

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