who the fuck is she. PART 2

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a/n: tambershipper PART 2 FOR YOU WHORES WHO WANT IT (i love u) I FALL TO PIECES WHEN IM WITH YOUUUU (sorry guys i love cherry) but this song reminds me of this plot :) okay i love u mwah

"oh, yes i did."

"fuck you." you said, slamming the door as you drove off to work.

you worked a double shift that night, to get your mind off things. things, being karissa. when you came home at around 9:30, the main foyer was scattered with broken plates, and different knickknacks strewn out around the floor. she did this.

"k? where are you love?" you called out into the darkness of your home.

you checked all downstairs looking for her. she was nowhere to be found.

"karissa where are you? i'm not playing your games. and what the fuck did you do to the living room? there's shit all over the floor!" you yelled. "fine! you don't wanna come out?"

"i'm up here." she says, mellowly (guys idk if that's a word but idc !! )

it was coming from upstairs.

"are you alright?" you ask, walking up the stairs.

"i'm fine." she was leaning over the sink in the bathroom. "fuck. just a little hungover is all."

"d-do you need anything?"

"i told you. i'm fine. i don't need anything from you."

you turned around and walked outside to smoke a cigarette. you hardly smoked anymore, only when you were extremely stressed. this was one of those times.

"your smoking. why the fuck are you smoking. i thought you quit." (picture this aesthetically)

"im clearly stressed karissa. i smoke when i'm stressed."

"why the fuck are you stressed out?!"

"seriously. you don't know?!"


"the writing is on the wall! do i need to spell it out for you?!"


you took in a big breath of smoke, one that filled your lungs completely, before putting it out and exhaling.

"fuck, okay. first of all, you fucking accused me of cheating on you, which i would never ever fucking do, then you call me a, and i quote! 'fucking cheating bitch!'

"i'm sorry. let's go inside please. it's freezing out here."

"it's not freezing, it's 60 degrees!" you say, opening the door and walking inside, as the rest of the smoke escapes your lips for the last time. (so uv vinyl)

karissa walks inside behind you, and shuts the door.
"i am so so sorry. i know you can probably never forgive me. but you have to understand that when you don't tell me where you are at night i get very worried."

"well you don't have to assume that i'm just out cheating on you!! i was just out for drinks! and we didn't kiss!! you made me cry too!"

"i'm so sorry. do you forgive me? please? morgan you can't stay angry at me forever."

"you hurt me. you made me feel like you didn't care about me and just assumed that i'm out fucking some other woman. that's fucking low. so no, i don't forgive you. not right now."

"morgan. come on, please?"

"no. i'll let you know. and don't try anything, because it's not gonna work."

you go over to the foyer and start cleaning up the mess as tears roll down your face.

"i've got it." karissa says, trying to help you.

you don't say anything, you just walk away and head downstairs.

"come on! don't do this!" she shouts "morgan!! don't avoid me when i'm talking to you!"

you turn the tv on, until it gives you a pop-up, that your service was temporarily disconnected due to unpaid bills. "fucking christ." you say to yourself.

"karissa what the fuck did you do to the tv?!" you tell up the stairs

"huh?!" she says, running to meet you at the top.

"the downstairs tv says that our cable service was temporarily disconnected because of unpaid bills."

"fucking assholes!"

you laugh, before closing out of the pop-up.

"we still have streaming right?"

"i hope so! i'll go give them a piece of my mind."

"you go get em' babe!!"

a couple hours later, when you finally got tv back, karissa asked you to come downstairs and talk. the elephant in the room was being avoided long enough.

she starts off by apologizing, and reassuring you that she wasn't mad.

"but you made me think you didn't love me and didn't trust me."

"i'm so sorry morgan."

"dance with me."


"dance with me."

karissa stared at you blankly.

you sighed. "dance with me and i'll forgive you."

karissa jumped up, and smiled.

"i'll dance with you. what music?"

"our song."

you played 'love song' by lana del rey, and lover by taylor swift.

you stepped closer, and held karissas hands in yours. you danced together to both the songs, and more until you were both tired.

"so you forgive me?"

"now you gotta kiss me."

"oh well come on, that's obvious." she says, leaning in and kissing you.

"now, i forgive you."

"i love you morgan. so much."

"i love you karissa. so much more."

a/n: I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYEDDD!! i love u all

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