Benefit? More of sexual benefit (2)

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I Promised to complete this for @Fmplss. So, here it is.

She threw her head back, moaning in pleasure, and that's when Simone lost all control. He picked her up, letting the dress fall from her feet, and then set her on the Queen sized bed.

He rolled his tongue around her nipple, driving her crazy, then unexpectedly bit it, making her cry out.

"Fuck, Simone!"

He slapped her ass.

"Is that my name, whore?"


"What is it?"

"D- da-daddy."




His fingers travelled down her sides till they reached her thongs.


She whimpered, embarrassed.
He travelled down till he had slid off the pink lacy material and his face was now between her legs. He sniffed it and moaned.

"That's a dirty slut for me."

He bit her inner thigh, making her moan again.
His finger settled on her clit and began to rub. She was so wet already. His hard dick was begging for him to just go into her and fuck her pussy senseless, but he hadn't had this in a long time and he would savour his precious moment.

He traced his finger down to her entrance and played with her lips. So fucking wet for him Without warning, he pushed it in.


"Such a tight pussy. When last did this pussy get a good fuck, slut?"


"Give me a time, you whore." He said aggressively, adding in another finger.

" has been four months."

Fuck. That was WAY longer than his.

"So you're tight for me?"


He with drew his fingers, making her whimper. She knew what he wanted.

"Yes, daddy. Its tight and wet for my daddy."

He moaned and attacked her throbbing pussy with his mouth. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips, but he held it down to the bed. His tongue glided along her clit before he started to suck on it. Not having control of her mind, she grabbed his hair to keep him in place, then began to grind onto his face.

He put two fingers in her again and began to slowly pump in and out, all the while, sucking on her sensitive bundle of nerves. She took her breast into her palm and squeezed it, struggling to keep her hip planted to the bed.

"So, sweet, baby." He murmured, against her pussy. Making her shiver.

Soon, she felt the familiar build up in her lower abdomen.

"Fuck...daddy, I'm gonna cum"


He took out his fingers and stuck his tongue in her soaked pussy. He moaned at the taste and feeling, causing tingles and vibrations through her body. She could not hold it. She pulled him closer, pushing his tongue, further in, and then she came with a scream.

Her juices flowed out and Simone immediately licked it all up. Then he gave her slow stokes with his tongue, guiding her off her high.

Her breathing steadied again. He got up and hovered over her, then he gripped her ass.

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