Film It

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Ahria laid on her bed, stack naked, with a camera in front of her, filming the dirty things she did.

First, she squeezed her boobs, rubbing the left nipple.
She wet a finger with her mouth and circled her nipple with it, leaving it glistening with saliva. The sight made her pussy throb even more. The more she squeezed her boobs, and teased her nipple, the more her arousal heightened.

She let out a small whimper at a specific tweak of her nipples.

When her pussy was dripping wet and she really needed attention, she let her hand trail down her body till it got to her pussy. Fetching some of her arousal on two fingers, she took her mouth and sucked on the two fingers, moaning at the taste of her own wetness.
If only another whore like her could taste this.

She began to rub her clit, slowly, and sensually. She increased her pace, rubbing her clit, and moaning silently. As her two fingers pleasured her clit, she used her pinky and gently teased her entrance. With the intense feeling on her clit, she could feel a knot forming up in her abdomen.

And just when she was gonna release, she stopped. Curse words and whimpers left her mouth, but it felt so good to be edged, imagining it was someone else.

A specific someone with big perky tits. A specific someone with the most exquisite ass on the face of the planet that jiggled with every movement of hers. A specific some one with pale pink plump lips that looked like fucking cherries. A specific someone with a slim waist that her clothes didn't hide. The way she longed to pull those shiny blonde curls and spank that jiggly ass till it was red.

She didn't realize she had plunged two fingers into her pussy and was moaning that sexy name.

"Ahh oh, Ciara...Fuckk oh...please, harder, punish me like your slut, please...Mmm"

She began thrusting her fingers, faster. Her mind playing what Ciara would do to her if she could really. For a second, she forgot she was filming herself doing this. But even when she remembered, she just didn't care. All she was thinking of was Ciara fucking her with 4 fingers, stretching her slutty pussy.
She added a third finger and moaned loudly at the pain and intense pleasure. After a few thrusts, she tried adding a fourth but it hurt so much. She whimpered and moaned a bit, wishing Ciara could do it for her.

"Ahhh Ciara..."

Forcing a fourth finger into her cunt, she held back a scream as tears clouded her eyes. She thrust a bit slower, trying to subside the pain.

"Oh fuck mommy...Mmmm it hurts soo much...Ahh fuck fuck mommy"

She began to go faster when the pleasure had gone beyond the pain. Her moaning was uncontrollable, and so fucking sexy.

"Mmm yess mommy Im your slut."

She used her other hand to rub her clit fast as she increased her pace. A waterfall of dirty profanities left her mouth accompanied by moans. As her orgasm approached, her breathing heightened, her stomach did tumbles, her head was spinning and her pussy was begging for a release.

"Ahh, mommy I need to cum, please let me cum...FUCK Im gonna cum soo hard all over your hand mommy..."

She thrust fast and pressed on her clit hard, and soon, she came with a scream.


Cum flowed from her pussy, soaking her fingers, thighs, and the bed.

"Why are you calling me, Ahria?" Ciara called from a distance.

Ahria had forgotten she wasn't home alone and she had screamed her friends name while cumming.

Before she could do anything, the door opened and Ciara walked in.

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