high school.

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the year was 2011. you were a junior in high school, and best friends with a girl named karissa bardsley. she was a senior, and her brother hunter, was in the same grade as you.

the three of you were inseparable, and practically glued at the hip. wherever karissa went, you two followed. teenagers being teenagers though, made fun of karissa for hanging out with the "stupid juniors." but karissa being karissa, didn't take any bullshit from anyone. she got into more trouble than anyone in that school. she was stunning. her long dirty blonde hair that had a slight curl at the end. her  honey brown eyes, with naturally long eyelashes. she was the perfect picture of natural beauty, and you loved her. of course, in a society where loving the same sex was considered "sickening and a mental disorder" you couldn't confess your feelings.

you, karissa, and hunter were at a crowded house party, dancing to whatever shit music was playing.

"shots?" karissa yells.

"hell yeah!" hunter says back.

of course, karissa didn't tell you that alcohol and drugs would be involved. you had a feeling that people would be drinking, but not as much as they actually were.

"morgan?" karissa yells, as she pours four shots, two for her, and two for her brother.

"i'm good!"

"no baby come on!" karissa says, handing you the handle of whiskey, that she had just poured into a red solo cup.

"i'm driving! you two get as drunk as you want. but i'm driving."

"suit yourself!"

you watch as karissa and hunter swallow at least 5 ounces of rotgut whiskey, standing against the wall. the shots were short lived, because karissa felt dizzy. it was a friday night, the perfect night to help your best friends throw up. and that's just what they did. as you took them to the car, hunter threw up.

"oh shit! hunter you alright?" you say, running over.

"i'm fine. good." hunter says, climbing into your jeep.


"kay, you good?"

"yeah, mhm."

"are you good? like actually?"

"i said yes, i'm fine. i just don't get why we had to leave!"

"you're both drunk!"

"i am not!"

"yes. you are."

"my parents are gonna fucking KILL me."

"maybe you should've thought about that before you decided to take shots of WHISKEY. hell, karissa! your brother already threw up!"

"whatever. just get us home."

you and karissa didn't talk for the rest of the car ride. when you pulled into the driveway, just about every light was on.

"we're here." you say, shutting your car off, helping hunter out of the car.

"i'm good morgan, thank you."


karissa stumbles to the door, and walks inside.

"where the FUCK have you two been?!" sean, karissa's father yells.

"dad, calm down." karissa says, as she lays on the couch, her speech slurred.

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