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A/N: This is hella Scream inspired so just bare with me here. I watched it not too long ago and have been trying to finish this ever since! I tried to shake up my writing by adding inner thoughts but I'm debatable on how it came out.

TW: Blood/gore, violence, breaking and entering, stalking, threatening, assault

Synopsis: You're enjoying a nice evening when you suddenly get a call from an unknown number. What seems like a terrible prank is really the work of someone who has been watching you very, very closely.

Word Count: 1800


You heard a crackle on the other line, a husky voice repeating your words.


"Uhm- who is this?"

"Who do you want it to be?"

You scoffed, continuing to pick up items from the floor with the phone pressed to your ear.

"I think you have the wrong number."

You hung up, tossing your phone onto the couch. Mumbling under your breath you continued to mess with the scattered laundry beside you.

But your phone rang again. This time you looked at the number; it was a random list of digits you had never seen before.

"Hello?" You said again, this time a bit annoyed.

"Why'd you hang up on me?" The same voice from before asked.

"Because I don't know you."

"Well, you can get to know me." The voice flirted.

"Oh really? And why would I want to do that?"

"Why I just might be your dream guy."

"My dream guy?"

'Oh boy.' You thought.

You heard crinkling in the background, either from the terrible phone connection or the person's surroundings-- you couldn't tell.

"Yeah, your dream guy. You know, tall, mysterious, handsome. Maybe even rich if you play your cards right."

You laughed, a bit surprised at the cockiness of the man on the phone. He let out a low sigh of content at hearing you.

"And why do you think that's my type?"

"Because I've read it in your diary."

You stopped there for a moment, going quiet.


"Because you just told me."

"No, that's not what you said."

"Then what did I say?"

You bit your lip, suddenly aware of your surroundings.

"I've got to go."

"Don't hang--"

You pressed the end call button and threw your phone down again.

'It was probably just some shitty prank..' you thought to yourself. 'Anybody could have a diary, that doesn't mean they read mine. Besides, I never even take it out of the house...'

Despite the reassurance, you continued turning around to check the door behind you. The sliding door was bright from moonlight, transparent glass allowing anyone from outside to see you. you turned around to check it again while rapidly folding a shirt. It was folded sloppy but that was the least of your worries.

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