Fitness Trainer

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A/N: I blended some french terms of endearment with English on purpose don't come for me >:0. But is Antoine really French, or is he feigning this way to get closer to you? 

Synopsis: Another day at the gym, your personalized trainer is helping you out a lot more intimately than he would with most clients. 

TW: Creep gym trainer, french "person", mentions of future stalking/imagined groping, sensual content

And up... and down, just like that."

The squeeze on your hips kept you stable, even with your fingers shaking, mouth agape as hot breath was sucked in, and out.

"One more, you can do one more for me."

"I can't..." you huffed, thighs quaking as the barbell on your shoulders made you ache.

"Yes you can. C'mon sweetheart, we'll do it together."

He gripped the barbell beside where your sweating hands were, chest flush against your back as his feet entrapped the outside of your own.

"Do it with me now," He pulled the weight lower, forcing you to squat despite the agony in your ankles and tailbone. "Push through it, baby."

The sweet name just slipped out, breathy against your ear as his hot exhales slowed compared to your huffs. It almost made you slip.

You could feel the muscles in your wrists shaking, vision going blurry as sweat drips into your eyes. One of his hands leaves the barbell to grip your hip, forcing you back into a standing position as your knees nearly give out.

You rise slowly back up with the barbell in your hands, nearly groaning in pain at the strain. You finally lift your arms to your chest, finishing the rep with a strained frown as your personal trainer forces the weight off of your arms. His taller stature makes it easy to put the barbell back on the rack in front of you.

You feel as if you could collapse, an hour and a half of intense training brought upon by your own determination leaving you exhausted and a little discouraged. You thought you could do more, push yourself harder-- but at the end of the day, the amount of reps your body would let you do, was it. You'd crack if you tried to go even further, end up tearing something or worse.

Your trainer could tell; the way you sweat, your eyebrows furrowed as you kept that hard, strained look with each motion he made you do.

"I hate to say it, but you're done for today."

You look up at him from your place on the ground, water bottle hanging from your grip as you try to catch your breath.

Antoine had only worked with you for a couple weeks now, what started as once a week now thrice, if you had the time after work of course. But somehow, he always enticed you to come back.

His body, which should've been motivation, was more or less disheartening-- rippling muscles and bulging quads peeking beneath his tight 'TRAINER' black tee and athletic shorts as the perfect ensemble.

He was so sweet, so encouraging and upsettingly positive. Always filling up your water bottle, saying how he's always admiring the growth of muscle definition in your back, giving you light touches to show which area of your body that a machine might work out. He even offered post-exercise massages to make sure you didn't get sore after each session, free of cost as a perk of joining the gym's 'premium membership', an idea he sold you on. That, along with the complementary protein shakes made that were hi "specialty."

You knew it was his job to hook you in, but who could say no to that sweet meathead's face? Which is why you were here, on a late saturday afternoon, in this nearly empty gym with him that he convinced you to love.

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