A Reward (Valentine's special)

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A/N: Read this over and I want to curl in a ball and rot I liked it and now I hate it dear writing gods stop torturing me PLEASE. Happy (early) valentine's day everybody! This is actually a continuation to a more MATURE fic named PUNISHMENT, but it can act as a standalone and therefore.. voila. 

CW: Toxic relationship, possessive/obsessive behavior, suggestive themes, mentioning future seggsual acts/fantasies

Synopsis: Out on a group date for Valentine's Day with your possessive, jealousy-ridden boyfriend is never a good idea, especially when he finds the special surprise you're wearing for him.

"Hrmm... seems like they have a lot of Valentines themed stuff on the menu."

"Well it IS the season! No other reason for it being so packed in here..." One of your friends across the table perked up, slightly annoyed at the stuffy atmosphere.

She was right, every table was filled, every booth full of chattering couples or first blind dates, even double or thruple dates just like the one you were on.

You were lucky your friend's boyfriend had managed to snag this place a week in advance, else you might be thigh to thigh with everyone else in a tinier booth. Ha, as if YOUR boyfriend would allow that; you'd probably be on the edge of the shared booth seat, nearly falling off just to save you from being 'too close' to anyone else, even your own friends.

"Annoying... I don't get why going out on Valentine's Day is so important, what happened to dates in the privacy of your own home." Said the devil you were thinking of, that comment nudging to how he was far more in favor of spending a "romantic" evening home alone with you instead of being here with your two friends and their spouses.

"Awe, is puppy dog Malachi upset he has to share? We planned this weeks in advance, so suck it up, we have a right to see OUR friend tonight." That same friend hissed.

Your other friend nodded. He would've added on, if it weren't for the death stare your boyfriend was currently drilling into everyone else across the table. You hadn't been out in a group setting like this in... who knows how long.

"Oh, really? Don't fucking--"

"C'mon you guys," You grabbed onto Malachi's thigh, a tight squeeze making him stop in his angry tracks to look down."I'm here right now, shouldn't we be catching up, not fighting? I missed you, missed this."

Your sincerity seemed to ease them up, a flash of contrition on your female friend's face. She hated your boyfriend, clearly, wearing a scowl when she turned back to Mr. moody himself. He rested his face on his palm, looking at the other couples every now and again, always keeping a short glance at you out of the corner of his eye to make sure you weren't having too much fun.

One of the spouses --you had forgotten the name of by now after the evening's short introductions-- had begun talking, complaining about coworkers or customers, one or the other.

Wow, has it been so long that your friends have completely different lives now, new people that they spend their time with that you weren't even told about? Well, its not like you've exactly been open to receiving that kind of news, or able to be, with so little time to make phonecalls lately, your phone always seeming to disappear, phone numbers no longer existing in your contacts... it was truly a miracle you managed to have this outing, and Malachi thought so too.

"I swear if she prods at me again," Your jealous guard dog of a boyfriend started, hand clenching the red, heart-embroidered table cloth.

"Take it easy, okay? I know you don't want to be here but-- just do it a little longer, for me. Thats what we agreed, right?"

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