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Baroness! Female Yandere X Maid! GN Reader

A/N: this didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to >:/ but in the future I'm going to be writing with ... darker themes so :D!

Synopsis: You, a head maid of the Baroness, get caught toying with her belongings and pay dearly for it.

TW: Forced kissing/touching, possessive and obsessive themes, power imbalance, threats

Word count:1600

"Oh look at you!"

You stopped dead in your tracks, lipstick smearing across your cheek. You froze like a deer in headlights.

"You've invited yourself to my things..." she stood a bit stunned, a surprised smirk on her lips. "Don't you know maids aren't supposed to touch their mistresses' belongings?"

"My lady I-"

You dropped the lipstick out of panic. Was she going to yell? Hit you? How mad was she going to be-- you couldn't tell. The woman had attacked maids for far less.

You stuttered, looking at the evidence of your crime. It was so obvious; A small expensive bracelet on your wrist, blood diamond earrings clipped to your ears, and a smear of crimson lipstick on your lips and cheek. You were caught red-handed.

"Would you like to go into my closet and try on my gowns too?" She leered.

"I'm so sorry I was- I was preparing the bath and-"

You ripped off the jewelry as the Baroness drew closer to you.

"I assume giving you the title of my personal servant was too much." The woman took small steps from the door. "You know I have a fondness for you," Her tone grew dangerous, "You thought you could sneak behind my back, little thief?"

You looked to the door to escape but it was locked shut.

"No! I just- I-"

"You just what? Just thought you could steal my things?" She looked at you expectantly.

"I'm so sorry my lady-" you bowed your head, clutching your clothes. "I'm ashamed of myself! I got greedy, seeing your...things."

She gritted her teeth.

"You know what to address me as. Is this how you repay me after promoting you?"

"But I-- I can't call you-"

She glared down at you, gripping your chin. The woman's pedicured nails were sharp enough to break flesh. Her eyes were giving more than enough of an answer to your defiance.

"Yes of course, Madam...Leonor."

You felt improper addressing her by her first name; even if head maids like yourself were allowed to, it didn't feel right.

"Better. " She let go of you and inspected the desk you had previously borrowed from. "Now, I suppose you know you must be punished," You frowned, knowing this was to come. "I can't just let this 'incident' go off walking."

"Yes..." You tried to rub away the lipstick that stained your lips but it only seemed to spread further, dying your hands and making them smell of rose.

The Baroness picked up the makeup from her vanity and inspected what you had tainted. She searched for signs of use or destruction, taking note of the evidence on your face.

"I'll gather my things," You avoided making eye contact with the Madam. "there's no need to send guards... you won't see of me again."

You did the walk of shame, bowing respectfully to her and heading for the door as quickly as you could. You may have lost your job but the humiliation of the situation pained more. You felt like a child for indulging in such silly greed.

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