Insecure Pt.2 In The Book Stacks

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CW: making out in the library, possessive behavior, forceful behavior (Ezra holding reader captive temporarily)

Word Count:1900

"You're really stubborn, you know that."

Dust poofed into the air as you slammed the book in your hands shut, your nose scrunching at the stench of mustiness.

"No one's in a library at 8 pm on a friday," Ezra lowered his voice to a whisper. "C'mon, right here.. Right here is perfect." He planted a kiss to your nape hairline, softly pulling at your elbows from behind. "Who goes to the science-y section anymore, anyway."

He kept trying to convince you with that slightly heightened tone, leg pushing between your knees as he trapped you between the bookshelf and him. You were starting to get annoyed, the shadow and humid warmth of his impatient body hovering only inches above you.

"I swear if you don't stop breathing down my neck, getting caught will be the last thing you worry about."

Ezra was unperturbed, giving a little laugh at how pissed off you sounded. What was so wrong about wanting to give a little love to his fiance in the library? Well- soon to be fiance, you didn't know that part yet. Just give it a few months. Specifically, the May you graduate.

"Ooh, look who's in a feisty mood. Are you scared of a little audience? Of our love... being witnessed." He pecked at your shoulder, tickling fingers grabbing at your sides to make you squirm.

You put a book you had taken out back in the hole that it had left, shimming closer to the shelf and farther away from your boyfriend's antics.

"No; I'd just never do something so abWHORant, especially not when I know you, would make an even bigger scene if one of the librarians caught us." You rolled your eyes, letting out an exasperated goan; he was beginning to tick you off. "What am I even saying? See, you got me distracted again."

"A little distraction never hurt nobody," He swayed, pressing into your lower back with his thumbs, massaging the edges of your tailbone that he knew was probably aching from how much standing and searching you've done in the library already. Nobody who didn't have a chem test tomorrow! you thought. "Besides, aren't you tired of searching for this book? We've looked in every isle...twice."

You didn't correct him for the intimate touch at first, finding it soothing and seemingly without the devious agenda he was proposing. But that touch soon moved to a caress, grabbing the sides of your hips, pressing them forward as his midriff touched your back.

"Books plural," You sighed, sounding more defeated. "Maybe we should just go home; I shouldn't have made the mistake of letting you come with me."

Ezra was like a reward you're supposed to enjoy AFTER doing an important task; you can't have a reward in the same room with you though, otherwise all you think about is how needily it tempts you.

"I've accompanied you back and forth during this search, don't you think I deserve a little bit of your time?" Ezra impatiently jabbed, grabbing your hand that was about to pluck another book. You yanked your arm away and pulled out a flimsy textbook off the shelf with it, refusing to acknowledge the tall, desperate creature beside you.

However, it was hard not to regret the harshness of your rejection as soon as you felt the sinking daggers of Ezra's eyes." You know what--No. I'm sick of this. You've looked enough for tonight."

The book was forced out of your hand and hit the floor with a dust-clouded thud, the sound scaring you with its echo bursting around the entire library. It skidded a few feet away from you as a sweetly warm palm concealed your mouth.

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