Childhood Friend

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TW: obsessive/possessive behaviors, dark themes, violence, stabbing, knives, confession gone wrong

Synopsis: Your long-lost childhood friend comes to find you and has something important to say. Little do you know, he's changed and has been watching your every move.

The boy in front of you twiddled with his hair, the newly dyed strands flickering back and forth. He shuffled as you nervously waited for him to speak. The young man had hardly held a conversation with you besides a distracted 'hello', which is why you were confused as to why he still stood there. He looked familiar and yet different– you didn't know how to pinpoint it but.. Something was off. The eyes which you swore were brown are now aquamarine, and his hair has shifted from a dark gradient to bright, platinum blonde.

He certainly... stood out. You couldn't help but find a new thing to look at him for as he was decorated in attire that was clearly new. The leather jacket and biker gloves didn't fit, showing as he fiddled with his hands.

"I know you probably don't remember me but.. I'm Oct..Octavier from your, your..."

"Oh my–Octavier? From kindergarten?" You widened your eyes in disbelief, finally pinpointing who he was. You admired how different he looked compared to when you last saw him. Had he gotten contacts? You remember the huge round glasses he wore as a child, which made his eyes bug out. Not only that, but his whole style and skin tone had shifted as well– the fake tan was a clear new addition compared to his 5 year old self that you fondly remember.

"I can't believe it's you!" You ran around the counter and grabbed his hands, the surprise and excitement overwhelming you. Octavier yelped, nearly tripping at your grab.

"Y.. Yeah that's me. I can't believe you remember me.." Octavier bashfully looked away, staring at the floor as you jumped up and down.

"Holy crud it's been forever!! How are you? How have you been? What are you even doing here?!"

You gave him a tight hug, nostalgia hitting you like a wave.

"Um.. I've been alright.. Actually I came here.. To see you." Octavier looked back and forth from your eyes to your open collar. He pushed back strands of hair behind his ear.

You looked him up and down, giving a gasp of surprise as you saw his entire outfit. The edgy and punk bad-boy look was so unfamiliar on him. The tight leather jeans and swollen piercings caught your eye immediately, along with the bouquet of flowers. Octavier fidgeted with his earring, shuffling his feet while looking for the words to say.

"Me? Was the get-up specifically to see me or is this a new style you're trying out?" You laughed, adjusting the collar from his jacket to look more fitting. "This is definitely different from the jumpers and balloon pants that I remember."

"That's because I was a little, a little kid!" Octavier fumbled over his words, growing embarrassed at the few lasting customers watching the exchange. "And I... I'm different now, I've grown." The male puffed out his chest, looking at you with determination.

You just laughed, pulling him aside to chat at a nearby table. Octavier set the bouquet of flowers down next to him, trying but failing to make them unnoticeable.

Taking another long look at his clothing choice again, you reminisced about a conversation from the other day. It was something minuscule, a funny exchange between you and your friend. It was about your ideal type, "the guy of your dreams" your friend teased. You couldn't help but make some distinctions with how Octavier looked compared to your 'ideal type.' But when you saw him... you couldn't imagine your long lost friend fitting it at all. He looked far too much like a lost puppy to ever pull off the handsome devil stereotype.

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