Chapter 2

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"This is going to be the best summer ever. Today your 18 years old Cassandra Michaels. You will have fun tonight with the guys at that fancy restaurant." Casey said out loud to herself as she eyed her reflection in the mirror. Leo was taking Mindy, he had been dating her for a year now. Luis was taking his latest flavor of the month, Monica. She had managed to stay with him two months. A record for Mister Gigolo, Luis Codey.

That left Mike as her makeshift date, since they were both going alone. She didn't date and Mike had been busting his butt working with his dad. After graduating high school, he started to learn their business. He was the oldest son and the one who one day would take over after his old man croaked or retires. Whichever came first? So he hadn't dated for over a year.

The sound of pounding at her door made her run downstairs. "There's the Birthday girl." Mike said as she swung the door open. Casey smiled and all she could think was, "man did he grow up good." He had the dreamiest blue eyes she had ever seen. Working on a ranch sure did do a body good. He was taller than her 5' 3" stature and towered over six feet.

Mike was all hard muscle, a very masculine man, far from the gangly kid he once was. The need to shake her head to clear the impure thoughts was needed. Finally, clarity appeared and a sigh escaped. There was no way a man like him would ever see her as anything more than a little annoying sister. Especially not looking the way she did.

Casey looked down at her plain jeans and large t-shirt. The shirt was baggy but the larger size was needed. The moment her damn breast grew, everything changed. The darn things just got in the way. There was nothing to do but wear tight sports bras in hopes that they hid how much was really there. It didn't make for an attractive look, but she was more than ok with it.

"Would you like something to drink?" Casey could feel the heat that burned her cheeks and hoped he didn't know what she had been thinking. When he said no, Casey excused herself and headed for the kitchen. The need to stick her head in the freezer was great, but all she did was pull a Coke out. To her utter horror, the moment the tab was pulled the cold liquid sprayed all over.

The sound of his laughter earned him a dirty look. "What're you laughing at? Now I have to go and change. This is the only dressy t-shirt that's clean.

He stopped laughing. "I'll be right back." The next thing she knew, he was out the door. Casey muttered as the mess was cleaned. The sound of Mike singing "Happy Birthday to you." When she looked up he was standing there with a goofy grin. In his hands,Mike held a box that was wrapped in gold paper and a silver bow was on it.

Casey screamed. "I love presents. What did you get me?" Her mind was racing a mile a minute trying to figure out what was in the box. She shook it but no noise came from it.

Mike smiled. "Don't be silly. Open it and find out what it is."

She ripped  the paper dying to see what was in it. When the top was freed, Casey froze. "What the hell is this?" An incredulous look overtook her face. Did he not know her at all? "You got me a fucking dress? Are you crazy?" Had he not realize in all these years, that dresses were not her thing?

"No, I am not crazy. It's high time you started looking more like a young lady and not a little boy," Casey glared at him. "You've already made a mess of yourself with the soda. Now go change into the dress." She continued to glare. "Guess what? There's a pair of shoes in there too." Casey couldn't believe him; there's no way in hell she was wearing a dress!

Just then the door swung open and Luis and Leo walked in singing. "Happy Birthday." Mindy and Monica walked in behind them. "What did we miss?" Leo was making his way to them.

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