chapter 3

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Mike too felt the tingle on his lips from the light kiss he had just given the woman of his dreams. He could remember the moment everything changed for him. It had been a little over a year ago. He had come home from a date and noticed the lights were on in the clubhouse.

Mike knew Casey would be there and figured her mother had once again left her alone. So he decided to walk over and make sure she didn't need anything. Truth be told, they needed an extra pair of hands with the chores in the morning. Things went faster with an extra pair of hands. When he reached the club house, the window shades to her room were open.

To this day, Mike could not tell you what prompted him to peek in; but peek in he did. Casey had been getting ready for bed. She proceeded to unbutton her pants. He couldn't make himself look away. When the pants slid down to expose her sleek long legs. His heart nearly stopped, yet his feet were glued to the ground. At that point, Mike didn't think he was even blinking.

When Casey started to unbutton her flannel shirt, Mike had no clue what to expect. She always wore semi-baggy clothes and up until that moment, his feelings for her were nothing but brotherly. When she got to the last button and slipped the shirt off her body. Mike got his first glimpse of what was beneath those baggy shirts. He also felt the heat that spread down his body and settled in his groin.

Shock, you can only describe the feeling he experienced as shock. His body had reacted to the point where shifting was needed. His pants were now suddenly feeling two sizes too small. It was at that point that Mike left. Yet the image stayed with him all night as he dreamt. The next morning while they fed the animals, he resolved to make her his.

Yet it hadn't been an easy road. Mike had a hard time being around her without being able to touch her. Casey had no clue of his feelings and there was no way he could date any other woman now. So he concentrated on work, it helped to keep his mind and hands occupied. He was determined to wait until she was ready for him. Casey was far too young and needed to know she had options.

Recently he started to notice the way she looked at him and how her body reacted when he touched her. Yes, it was finally time. His wait had come to an end. Mike loved the fact that she was a natural beauty. The dressing up today was not for his benefit, but for hers. Tonight he would see if anyone else made her body react the way it did with him. If she flirted or went for anyone else, he would back off.

Mike was pulled from his thought when Mindy pulled his arm. "Are you guys ready?"

"Come on Casey, it can't be that bad to be Mike's pretend date tonight." Leo yelled Making Mike glare at him. He really didn't need his brothers messing with his plans tonight. His jaw was still hurting from clenching it, but he took a deep breath and walked out with her by his side.


At the restaurant Casey sat next to Mike. He felt her tremble slightly after he strategically put his arm over the back of her chair. He let his fingers make contact with the skin on the nape of her neck. Slowly, Mike started drawing lazy circles on her skin while maintaining the conversation.

It was all an intricate dance between them both. A gentle touch here. A stolen skim of his lips on her neck, when they finally slow danced. The change in her breathing let it be known his plan was working. "I never did tell you just how beautiful you look tonight." The words were met with a frown. "What's wrong?"

"Are you only paying attention to me because I'm wearing a dress?" It was Mike's turn to frown as his mind ran through everything he wanted to tell her.

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