Desperate Friendship

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A//N: Part 3 of 4

Three more years passed. During that time, Midna and Lin grew closer.

Midna didn't know how to explain her relationship with Lin. It was complicated. She thought of Lin as a boy, but never struggled with using female pronouns. They acted like female best friends, but never changed clothes in front of each other.

It was very complicated.

That didn't stop them, though. Their connection was made strong through the secret they shared.

Midna helped advise Lin on what to wear in order to pass as an underdeveloped girl. At fifteen, though, it was getting nearly impossible. Midna herself was very well developed into a beautiful young woman. Her skin pattern had changed drastically over the years. As the only Twilian around, she could only assume it was normal. Now her skin was a pattern of black and white, with green lines accenting it. When she asked Lin her opinion, Lin had muttered an "I like it", before rushing to sword lessons.

Lin had to shave her face every day and night to keep anyone from suspecting. She also had to raise her voice constantly, to the point where it was normal. It could be much worse, though. She hadn't hit her growth spurt yet. When that happened, the two friends didn't know what they would do. Until then, they planned on having as much fun as possible.

The Academy started a new phase of lessons a few months previous. Now that most of the girls were skilled at their weapons, they moved on to real-world application of those skills. At least, as close to real-world as they could get without going to war. The girls were put through monthly exams that tested individual skill, strength, and endurance as well as strategy and wisdom.

"They're trying to find Captains, most likely." Midna remarked to Lin one day. "They rate us on who is the best suited to lead."

Lin simply nodded, sticking to her quiet phase. Midna sighed. "...I thought you were over your shyness."

"It's not that, Midna." Lin responded quietly. "I'm just really worried."

Midna grabbed Lin's shoulders. "Hey. It'll be okay. We can get through this. Just trust me, and smile a bit."

Lin smiled. "Thank you, Midna."

That night, the teachers announced the latest test-Capture the Flag.

"We will split all of you into two teams." Mrs Flint announced. "We will announce those teams at breakfast. Then you will have two hours to prepare a strategy. A teacher will be present at these to make sure nothing gets out of hand. They cannot help you with the actual strategy. You will then have two hours to train individually. The teams will practice in separate rooms. This will not have anything to do with the actual game, but we want to separate you to avoid traitors." She looked at the girls sternly. "You will then have a break for an early lunch, once again separate from the other team. After lunch will be a short briefing session to go over your plans again. You will have an hour to do that and to take your positions. When you hear a whistle, that means we have begun. The teachers will be spread through the field to watch you fight. Do not engage them." She paused again. "Normal fights will not be as carefully planned as this, girls. However, we are using this as a training exercise and as a way to observe your skills outside of class. Do your best."

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I'm going to change to present tense from now on. To me, everything before this was backstory and info. From here on, it is all linear storyline.

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"Well, we should obviously just run around and try to find their flag before they find ours. If we hide it well, it shouldn't be a problem." Alyssa, the lead popular, says.

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