Chapter Twenty Six.

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Songs for this chapter are:

Never Knock- Kevin Garrett

Pushing Away- Kevin Garrett

In The Night- The Weeknd

(if you listen to the songs of this chapter, they go along with it )



After a few minutes of silence, music begins to plays from the kitchen and I know the song. I sit up, not ready to get out of bed, but impressed that Nora knows this song. It's one of my favorites.

Ironically, the lyrics speak to me more now than ever before. I hear the humming of Nora's voice in my kitchen and imagine her moving her body to the slow beat, singing the words, and moving effortlessly around my kitchen.

I lay back on the bed again, this time with my back against the metal headboard. This bed took hours to put together and it still creaks when I move. Tessa and I spent the entire afternoon at Ikea and it was absolute hell. It was crowded and way too big.

As we tried to follow the map Tessa kept going on about a red ladle in some book she's reading about a murderous stalker guy who she, for some weird reason, is in love with. She literally told me that Beck (the main woman aka his pray) "doesn't deserve him". I rolled my eyes and told her she needs to get out more, but when I googled the book, a lot of people seemed to have the same reaction. It's fascinating the way a narrator can have you questioning what you think you know about the world.

No matter how great the book was, or how many red ladles Ikea sells because of it, I would be perfectly fine if I never go there again. They give you small pencils to write the numbers down of the items you want and while we were there, we wanted everything. Then we got home and had boxes that were hell to carry upstairs and even worse to put together. To top it off, we were missing a bundle of screws and I waited on hold with customer service for forty minutes before I hung up and decided to go to the hardware store down the street.

Nora hums louder and I grab my laptop from the desk and switch the light on. I need to keep myself occupied and distracted. I really shouldn't go out there and I feel all rebellious because the more I focus on why I shouldn't, the more I want to. Being friends with Nora is fine and dandy. We can be friendly when Tessa is around, but there's something about Nora that screams danger, and I'm already in a mess as it is. I know we would never date, or anything close to it, but if she kissed me again, or if I keep thinking about her kissing me, things will get awkward for Tessa.

I press the power button on my laptop and try to remember my password. I keep having to change it because I can't remember it and the more times I change it, the more difficult Apple makes me make it. For example, the first password was LANDON123 and the last one I can remember was LaNdON123123!@# . I thought I saved it in my phone somewhere, but I don't remember that either.

Finally, after four tries, I get in. My research paper for U.S History 201 is still on the screen, even though I finished it. I have three windows open, my iTunes, my paper, and Yelp. Since I moved to Brooklyn I use Yelp nearly everyday. Except when I did zero research on the bar Nora was taking me to to meet her friends. It feels so long ago now, even though it hasn't been long at all.

It's hard to believe that Dakota left just about thirty minutes ago. I feel like it's been hours, days even. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to call her. I know that when she needs space, I should give it to her.

The next song plays in the kitchen and it's Kevin Garrett again. He's singing about being pushed away and feeling alone, and I've loved him since I heard his cover of Skinny Love, but I've never related so much to him before now. Come to think of it, nearly every song on his EP is extremely close to what I'm going through right now with Dakota.

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