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Chapter 4 - Familiar Face

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CHAPTER 4 – Familiar Face

** TORI's POV **

"Come on, Tori. If you don't hurry up, we won't be able to watch the Polo match." Chloe said, impatience evident in her tone. She's standing by the doorframe, watching me as I put on my shoes.

"Well, if you haven't constantly nagged about your dance with River, we should have been there in no time." I responded with a good laugh.

I find it very amusing that she was making a big deal about her dance with River. The fun part was that River doesn't have any idea that it was her he was dancing with. It's as if she was some kind of a mystery girl and River was on the hunt on finding her masked princess.

"Oh, give me a break, Tori. You have to keep that big mouth of yours shut if you want to see another sunlight." She threatened. And that made me laugh even harder.

"Whatever you say, mystery girl." I teased.

She just rolled her eyes in pure annoyance and asked me to quit it. She walked out of the room and I followed her out.

We're on our way to La Pampa Polo Club when Chloe decided to open up the topic about the dance, again. This time, she's on to me and James.

"So, how was the dance? I didn't get the chance to see you last night—"

"Yes, cause you're too busy escaping from the grip of your prince." I cut her off. She hit my shoulder playfully and I laughed at the obvious irritation written all over her face.

"That's not funny. I told you to drop that subject!" She scolded.

"What? I can't help it. Yesterday we're talking about someone who will like you for who you are, not your family background, and now that you found him—"

"It's River, Tori! River-freakin-Ellison!" She emphasized.

I've known the name River Ellison since ninth grade. He was one of those guys who was categorized as popular and a playboy. His family is known for being one of the most powerful and successful in the mining industry. At first, I thought that he was some kind of a lady-killer, but then we had the chance to get to know each other and we bonded. That's the time when I learnt that he was indeed something else.

"And he's a someone. He came from a respectable family. He's fun to be with and not to mention, very good looking too." I wiggled my brows playfully at her so that she will consider dating again.

"Are you playing cupid again? Because no way. River is out of the picture. I just can't see myself dating him so stop changing the subject and answer my question, what happened last night?"

The car pulled over and we started to head inside the club as I filled her with stories on what happened with me and James last night. Of course, I'm very careful as to not mention my dance with that stranger because I don't want her to conclude anything about it. I bet she'll think of this as something like my silly subconscious secretly desiring to meet him.

"James found me. Despite the intricate design of my mask, he was able to know that it was me." I proudly said with a smile.

"And then what? After that, what's your plan?"

"What plan?"

Chloe smiled. "I guess you're not really that serious when you mentioned that if he found you, you'll give the both of you a chance."

At first, I was a little bit confused on what was Chloe talking about, but after a while, it hit me. How can I forget the sole purpose of that night? It was true that the very reason as to why I want James to find me at the ball is that I want to take that as a sign whether to give both of us a chance or not.

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