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FALLING IN LOVE was the worst thing to ever happen to him

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FALLING IN LOVE was the worst thing to ever happen to him. The brewing of this unknown feeling to him began when he was caught in the rain. It sounds romantic, but it was the total opposite of that. While people in bussiness suits and school uniforms hid in restaurants or underneath umbrellas and bags, he waited at the bus stop in the cold rain, in nothing but ripped jeans and a v-neck. He tried his best to cover up the bags holding groceries he just bought down at the market, but water still got in, getting to cardboard ramen boxes and eggs and flavoring for kimchi. Jeongguk didn't want to go into any stores because the air conditioning could increase the chances of him getting a cold, so he sat on the curb and pushed his hair back as it shagged over his eyes. It started to rain harder.

The release of gas as the bus door opened caught his attention. It had arrived 10 minutes late and by now his shoes and socks were squishy from all the rain that gathered around him. Jeongguk got up and tried to brush off muddy gravel from his pants though the motion really had no effect. He grabbed the three grocery bags from beside him and stopped at the entrance of the bus to dig out his bus pass from his pocket. Jeongguk swiped the card, gaining access to board. He tried walking slower to quiet down the squishing sound his shoes made with every step he took. He eventually made it to the back of the bus.

As Jeongguk sat down, he noticed there was one other person on the bus besides him and the bus driver. Next to him, a girl sat with a straight face with her legs crossed as she read a magazine that looked like something out of the 90s. She flipped the pages and popped the gum she was chewing, paying no attention to him. In her bag, he noticed that a blanket was folded up in it, and Jeongguk suddenly imagined himself warm again. He tapped her shoulder and she looked up from the page that read Best Hits of the Year. She slid her headphones down to her neck and looked at him. "Excuse me, but could you borrow me your blanket?" His voice shaky from being so cold. Her eyes widened as she took in his appearance and she rushed to remove the blanket from her bag and wrap it around him.

"What were you thinking!? No girl is worth it for you to be waiting out in the rain!" She exclaims and runs her hands against his arms, trying to create friction that'll warm him up. Jeongguk clears his throat and smiles slowly. "There's no girl, just a home body desperate to get back to where it belongs. Thank you,—?" The girl looks up at him. "Sora. I'm Sora." She sits back and puts her magazine away in her bag along with her headphones and walkman. Jeongguk was surprised she owned one, yet alone they were still being sold and made. Sora turns back to him and takes off the sweater she was wearing and puts it on top of his head. "Your hair is soaking wet. Colds are no fun and summer's about to start." Sora tries to dry his hair by rubbing her sweater on his hair. She was so nice it was weird.

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