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行動1 - シーン2


A GLASS OF WINE sounded perfect right about now

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A GLASS OF WINE sounded perfect right about now. Rin imagined herself soaking up the sun's rays on a fancy and expensive yacht off the coast of Cuba. She'd be wearing a yellow bikini with the wind blowing through her hair in the most perfect way that she'd look like something out of a foreign hair commercial that aired while a family was eating a TV dinner. Rin would snap her fingers and a handsome waiter with the sharpest jaw in the world be right by her side, ready to take her order. She'd order a glass of red wine in Spanish, a language she never knew yet spoke so perfectly. When he served it to her, he'd bend down on his right knee and Rin would pick up the glass, her freshly manicured fingernails shining in the light. The waiter would then kiss her hand and walk away, leaving her and the sun to have some alone time. As she sipped on her wine, she'd turn the perfect shade of bronze.

The yacht would dock in the most secure yard and the water would shimmer as she walked out of the ship. Rin would walk to the nearest city, not a bullet of sweat swimming down her arm. When she arrived, the town's people would welcome her by offering her fruit baskets and sweet perfume, celebrating her like their queen. She would be escorted to a palace hidden underground and she'd be dressed in the prettiest clothing of Egyptian cotton as her hair got braided and flowers were woven in between her locks. After that, her prince charming would take her by the hand and they'd run away to the beach, diving into a body of blue. They'd swim to the bottom of the ocean and collect lost jewels. A crab would wave at them and as Rin reached out to touch it, it'd pinch her—back into reality.

An imaginary coconut fell from the sky and finally restored Rin back to earth, and the reality of her sad, tragic life. She wasn't a queen, she couldn't swim, and a yacht was probably worth more than her entire life. The only thing she could relate to of her imaginary luxurious life was being at the bottom of something; that something being a ball pit. She had fallen into it when Bongsu told her to collect the colorful balls and toss them back in to clean up around Konfetti Kids before the kids started coming in for the day. Rin was too lazy to dig herself out of it because the late night studying session she had was starting to weigh down on her. She must've dozed off and hopped onto the first flight heading for La La Land, where she reigned. Now everything came crashing down on her. Hard.

She felt sore as she stretched her limbs for being down in the ball pit for who knows how long. Rin was surprised to find out how deep the sea that is the ball pit was. She started wondering how many toys and bracelets and shoes could've been lost in it and wondered that if she had never woken up, Rin would be a missing case and a search party would've been called out for her. Considering that her only friends were Namjoon, a three year old child, and Bongsu who couldn't be productive to save his life, she figured nobody would've even noticed she was missing. When Rin finally made it to the shore, she was breathing heavily and had two balls stuffed up her shirt, giving her an image of what a bad boob job looked like and how she'd look as a C cup.

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