~ chapter 2 ~

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A/N: I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm going to just make up a quick day at the training center, and then go to the bloodbath. So the beginning big this will be really rushed, and basically just them meeting each other.

The Bloodbath

Noah's POV (district 6)

It was the first day of training at the center. I knew nobody accept for Adelaide, who had introduced herself to me earlier. Adelaide walked over to me and she said calmly, "Hey, uh Noah? I'm gathering everyone in the center of the room so that we can actually know their names instead of referring to them as 'that kid from district whatever'. Ok?"

"Uh... cool." I mumble back, following her to the circle of tributes she gathered. "It was me and Courtney's idea to get to know everyone's names, because we can at least be friendly before the games." She told everyone.
"Yeah, and so we don't refer to people as 'that kid from district blah'." Courtney added. "So tell us your name and one thing about yourself." Adelaide said, scanning everyones faces.

"I'll start." She said. "I'm Adelaide Randall, I'm from district 1, and I love sea creatures." She says, playing with her brown hair, looking to her left, signaling for me to go.
"Oh..Uh... I'm Noah Grossman, I'm from district 6, and I'm... into spray painting things." I say, kind of loudly. I look to the left to a small asian girl.

"I'm Olivia, I'm from district 10, and I like chickens!" She giggled in a goofy, high-pitched voice. "But for real, I'm weird." She added, this time in a much more serious voice. She looks to a short dude to her left with a curl at the front of his hair. "Me? I'm Matt Sohinki, but I go by Sohinki. I'm in district 4, and I'm an ultimate try-hard." He says in a groggy voice. "I also never get sleep." He adds on.

He looks over to another asian girl with blue eyes. Shes from my district. She fiddles with her short black hair and says in a whisper, "Im Keirsten Long, I'm from district 6 as well, and I love books." She looks to the floor, signaling that she was done.

The kid next to her had curly black hair and hazel eyes. He stood up, and cleared his throat. "I'm Finn Cuevas, I'm from district 12, and I really like dogs." He says quickly and sits back down.

Some kid with orange hair cracks his knuckles and says "I'm Lasercorn and my ultimate goal is to win. Second biggest goal is to burn someone or something to death." He says while staring creepily at nobody in particular. "Um.. Your actual name and district?" Adelaide asked, with actual slight fear in her voice. "Oh, David Moss and district 5. But if you call me David I will skin you." He calmly says eerily.

"Ok... Next?" Adelaide says, quite obviously disturbed. Some kid who looked like an older version of me stood up. "I'm Joshua Ovenshire, or as I like to call myself, Joven. I'm from district 3, and I am skilled at cooking food." He says.

"What kind of a name is Joven?" Some kid with curly hair asks. "Joven is a gr-" "Alright! Anthony, Joven, enough!" Adelaide interrupts. "Next! Which is ironically, Anthony." Anthony clears his throat from where he was sitting and speaks up. "My names Anthony Padilla, and I'm in district 1 along with Adelaide. I really like watermelons." Watermelons? ...o...k...? Everyone has their perks.

The next person was yet another Asian girl, but with purple hair. Not gonna lie, she looked badass. "The names Mari Takahashi. District 7. I'm fearless and skilled with sais. I also love dancing and are very flexible." She says confidently.

The list goes on, to another tribute from her district. "Shayne Topp. District 7. I'm into music. And I'm also pretty scared." He says. "Aren't we all?" A blond girl chuckles. "I'm Courtney Miller, and I'm from district 2. I love to sing." She says and then looks to Olivia, "I'm also ver weird. And I like to burp a lot." She adds. A few people laugh, then a girl with bouncy red curls speaks up. "Sydney Britt, district 9. I love archery and weapons." She chirps.

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