I got tagged

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I got tagged by Smosh_BTS and Smosh_Fanfics

(For smosh_bts it's been exactly 3 days but oH WELL ITS CLOSE ENOUGH AND IM BUSY; and for smosh_fanfics it's been two days so let's just say it's been 2 days— ITS 1:13 GIMME A BREAK (I don't stay up late much anymore) oh hey brackets inside of brackets, that's neat. OKAY I'M GETTING SIDETRACKED BYE!!)


1. I'm a girl (woAH- SURPRISING RIGHT??)

2. I am a mutt (a mix of a lot of fucking cultures; I literally have ancestry from every continent except for Australia and Antarctica)

3. Mai/Maisie is not my actual name (you might know my actual name if you saw a now deleted post from like a year ago lol)

4. I have a hamster and a dog. (Roborovski dwarf hamster and a Jack Russell Terrier mix if you were wondering)

5. I have an identical twin. (And we have matching haircuts and she's literally my bestie)

6. I am pretty self centered and love bragging about myself (even if there is nothing to brag about lMAO)

7. I am double jointed in all of my fingers.
And thumbs ig

8. I am incredibly lazy, and I procrastinate a ton, and that's why I never post/update anything. (Sorry!! I'm working on that)

9. I'm right handed.

10. I am 5'7.


(These are random, so if I tag you, it's probably just because you came up in my phone and I need to tag 28 people)

1. emchanting
2. daddygothisjuice
3. Girlisti
4. flitzypoo
5. shourtneyxcrybaby

and I'm too lazy to do the rest so just imagine there are 28

(Proving fact #8)


Mai is lazy tag.


Knock knock.

Who's there?

Cow goes.

Cow goes who?

No, a cow goes moo.



I mean... I could tell you who wins, but that'd just be brutal, and I'd feel that it would ruin the story. And, I have nothing planned for this book and how it ends so far, but I will tell you this:

Two people die-

dun dun dunnnn!!!

Well that's it.

Have a good day, love Mai.

(That rhymes oml)

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