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okay, so you may have noticed that a lot has changed on my profile since then. It has been like a year (2 school years) since I've last updated this, and I deleted my other story. Mostly because it is *gags* utter GARBAGE and wayyyy to angsty. Plus, It's weird to write about them, and I'm kind of not into smosh anymore.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I still watch all of their videos and stuff, but I don't like them that  much anymore. Anyways, it's also awkward to write about them because I'm friends (I like to call it that but it's more like very distance acquaintances that I met through twitch; Wes and Boze know my name and we bant sometimes over chat *fangirl screech*) so it's awkward to put them through fanfics lmao.

I may not be able to finish this book because it was so long ago, and I wrote everything that the generator said down in a notebook, but then I thought it was too cringy so I fucking




If you've used the generator before, you know that if you click out of it on accident, there is NO going back. It's gone forever. So, I don't know how the story ends. I may make something up, or maybe I'll do another generator but still. OOF.

thanks for taking time to read this if you are still reading this a year later. Peace out!

(My rant was 244 words btw)

- mai

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