i got tagged agAIN-

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I was tagged by Smosh_Fanfics

I'm not gonna title this "lit" so just use your imagination

13 facts about me (even tho you already got 10 the last time I was tagged):

1. I have the powderpuff girls painted on my wall. However, I was in first grade when I asked for this, and it's still not repainted.

2. I wanted to be a chef when I was younger. Now I have no idea what I want to be.

3. There are currently 5 empty bottles of tea in my room, and 6 Dr Pepper cans. I need help.

4. My shoe size is 10.

5. I have a Wii U and an N64 hooked up to my tv (n64 doesn't work tho ;c)

6.  I have a laptop that I barely use for writing, and I got it partially to help me with writing. Now it just has tons of video games on it.

7. I've watched Smosh since about grade 1. (Let's be thankful I didn't get Ian and Anthony painted on my wall lmao)

8. I stopped watching Smosh in 4th-5th grade, but then I got back into it at about 6th grade.

9. Smosh is as old as I am.

10. I put a lot of Smosh, Olivia, and Noah merch on my Christmas list last year, but my parents didn't get me any.

11. I have Lasercorn's charizard hat that he wore in winter games. Not the exact one, but I do own one of the same hats.

12. I used to be obsessed with American girl dolls and I own 14.

13. I have a scar on my heel from when a sharp piece of a fence gate caught onto a flap of dead skin from a little scratch, and then my brother slammed the gate shut, not knowing that it had caught onto my heel, ripping all of the skin on my heel off. (It's back now, don't worry.)

And I'm too lazy to tag fifteen people so that's it! Yay!

Bye bye!

Expect an actual update today!

- Mai

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