~ chapter 3 ~

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Day 1

Boze's POV (district 5)

I sprint into the woods after Olivia and I almost had a face off. I almost pulled a knife on her man, I was so scared. At least I have this backpack. I whip the backpack around me and set it on the floor in front of me, opening it to inspect what I got.

Nothing. It's empty. I almost pulled a knife on someone for an empty backpack.

I need to make an alliance. Look, theres some people. I sprint to them.

Anthony's POV (district 1)

I run my hands through my hair. Jesus Christ. I'm not going to kill anybody. Right? No. You have to. It'll be fun... Right?

Am I sane?

Keith's POV (district 9)

I sprint through the forest with my sickle clutched in my hand. Dodging trees. Bushes. Rocks. Basically anything. I hear a giant rustle from a nearby bush and I freeze. Just then, 4 people step out of the bush. I start to walk away, but I hear a voice. "Hey! You!" It screams. I pause and turn around, sickle in front of me.

"Yo, man, put it away." The familliar voice says.
"Flitz!" I sigh. "You scared me." He smiles. "I'm a pacifist, theres no need to be scared." He reasurres me. "Do you want to join my alliance?" He asks me.

I look behind him to see Mari, Boze, and Olivia.   "It'll be a pretty big alliance." I say, scratching my head. "Yeah, but it's not permanent." He says. "Oh?" What? They might have to turn on me later. "We're just helping each other get supplies and neccesities until were all ready to get settled. Some groups might stay." He explains.

"Deal." I say, shaking his hand. "Great! Now let's see if anyone else needs help." He says, and we start walking.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

I've made an alliance with Damien and Whitney. Me and Damien are solid, but Whitney is sketchy, man.

Shes not talkative, and she only says 'sure' and 'whatever'. Right now she's by herself picking berries. I look to Damien. "I don't trust her." I say. "Me neither, but we're stronger in numbers for now. We can ditch and or kill her later on." He shrugs. "Maybe she'll leave on her own." I suggest.

"Ow! Goddammit." We hear her yell. I share a look with Damien and we shoot up to look for her. "Whitney? Are you ok?" I shout. "Where are you?" Damien yells.

We find Whitney looking at a decent sized cut on her finger. "What happened?" She said. "We heard you scream, so we came to see if you were ok... Are you ok?" Damien says. "Why would you care? It's just a stupid little cut! And we don't have an alliance anyways!" She says in a defensive voice. "I thought we had an alliance..." I say. "Look, you helped me once. So, I won't kill you until at day 3 at most. But, I'm fine. I just got cut by a thorn." She says, in a slightly gentler tone. "Ok, but if you need help, you can come to us at any time." Damien says. "I can handle myself." She glared at us, "I never said you couldn't han-" Damien's cut off as she sprints away.

"Well then." I say. "I say it's safer to see if we can make a truce with anyone, or whatever." He suggests. "Maybe another alliance member." I add.

We set off, trekking north.

Wes's POV (district 8)

I can't believe I have an alliance. Like; I didn't think anyone would want me on their alliance. Who am I kidding, I'm tall, buff, and have skills with weapons and hunting. Everyone wanted me.

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