~ chapter 4 ~

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Night 1

Keith's POV (district 9)

I split up with my group to look for berries and such, because I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

As I'm walking, I see a silhouette of a girl, but I can't identify her. I creep closer until I see the familliar brown curly hair, and I immediately know who it is. Adelaide.

I start to creep away, but I am stopped by a large cracking noise. I look down slowly. Goddammit Keith! You stepped on a stupid stick! Your gonna get kil- "Who's there? I'm armed!" She exclaims defensively.

She slowly rotates around to look for me, and when her back is facing me, I take that as a chance to spring at her. She turns around and pushes me to the ground. She whips out her knife, but I take out her feet, making her fall to the ground, I then scurry over and punch her in the face three times. Her face looks nasty. She has a black eye, a bloody nose, and she's coughing.

I don't seem to notice, but she grabs her knife and sinks it into my foot, making me wince and yell in pain. I grab my foot in pain as she hobbles off into the distance. I hear rustling in the bushes, but I'm too fixated on my wound to worry about that. "Keith! Oh my god!" The voice, which was obviously Boze, gasped. She rustles through her backpack and pulls out medical supplies, and starts working away at my wounds.

"Who did it?" She asks blankly. "Adelaide, I almost got her." I sigh. Her eyes widen. "Adelaide? Olivia saw her running a way and went to help her!" She exclaims, obviously worried. "Let's track them down then. See if she's okay." I suggest. "I hope she's alright." Boze sighs.

Not so far we can hear someone wincing in pain. "Olivia, it hurts!" The voice strains. "We found our girl." Boze whispers to me. "I know, just hold still!" Olivia replies to her. "I'm going over, to see if she needs help and to bring Olivia back. You stay here, alright Leak?" Boze whispers. I nod.

She makes her way through the bushes. "Need any help, Olivia?" She asks Olivia as she prods at Adelaide's face. "Yeah, actually. Do you have disinfectants?" She asks. "Yup! Here."

I sigh and wait for them to be done.

Ian's POV (district 2)

We were just laughing and chatting when I feel a sharp pain in my foot. "Ow, shit!" I yell. "What happened?" Noah asks. They all look concerned. I take off my shoe to reveal a huge cut that was very irritated and Shayne knew immediately what it was. "It's infected." He says blankly.

"Well, we know that. But we dont have any medical supplies. Noah, any plans?" Lynne asks. We all look at Noah, who looks so tired he might just collapse right now. "Uh... Well.. steal some? I don't know..." He says, yawning. His eyes roll to the back of his head and he passes out. As he falls backwards, Wes and Shayne catch him, and then they lay him on the ground.

"Let him rest. I'll look for supplies." Wes says, standing up. When he's a few feet away we see a box flutter down in front of him. He pauses, looks around, and then exitedly opens it. We can't see it, but he springs up with excitement, running back to us. We can hear him yelling, but we don't know what he says until he's closer. "...supplies! It's medical supplies! It's medical supplies!" He's chanting with excitement. "Good, now give it to me so that I can put it on Ian's foot." Lynne adds.

It stings. A lot.

Damien's POV (district 10)

I have an alliance with Kane, Joven and Finn. Apparently Finn had a bush full of fruits, but when he woke up they were gone. We called bullshit on the story and said he claimed them for himself.

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