~ chapter 6 ~

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Night 2

Lasercorn's POV (district 5)

Me and Sohinki had gotten lost from the group. It was freezing. Me and Sohinki had no sleeping bags, no blankets, no jackets, no nothing. We have resorted to huddling together for warmth, and we aren't very warm yet. "Are you alright?" I ask him. He's quaking in my arms, and I rub his back. "It's s-s-so c-c-cold...." He shivers.

"I know, but we have nothing. If we had something I'd give it to you. I swear." I smile, holing him tighter. "I k-know you would." He smiles at me.

I hope the poor, frail boy next to me doesn't freeze to death. I swear, it's like -20 in here. I'm surprised I don't freeze to death. Whooh.

Sydney's POV (district 9)

As I'm walking on the mountains, I think to myself. I should really get an alliance, or I'll be deemed as a weak target.

I see smoke in the distance. A fire! I have the chance to make an alliance, but I decide it's too risky and go into a deserted cave.

Boze's POV (district 5)

We set up camp near Finn's camp, and Mari looks around. We had abandoned her shack, and she's paranoid that it's 'unsafe' to be out in the open like this. "I'm cold..." Olivia whines. I feel bad for the girl. She's only 12.

"I can start a fire; if you need me to." I offer. "Yes, p-please!" She stutters. I start to set up the fire, when I hear a snap if a twig from nearby. The fire starts, and I quickly fan it to make it larger.

I then go to investigate the snap. Peer out of the bush and see a silhouette of a girl. I inch closer, and by closer inspection it's Mari.

She seems to notice me, and she looks back. "Hey. Damien left their group, and now Joven is nowhere to be seen. They're vulnerable. It's just Kane and Finn." She smiles. "Wanna get them?" She suggests. "No, not tonight. I'm very tired, and Olivia is freezing to death." I say. She gives me a pouty face and nods. We walk back to camp, and I open my backpack.

I see my sleeping bag, that I had completely forgotten about! "Oh duh! I had a sleeping bag the whole time! Here, Olivia." I smile, walking over to her and placing the unzipped sleeping bag around her like a blanket.

"Thank you." She smiles. I then remember the secret I was hiding. I grab Mari and walk away. "Mari, I need your help." I beg. "Keep it a secret from Olivia though, she'll get to worried." I whisper. "Ok. But what's the fucking secret?" She questions, tilting her head. "I have.." I say, rolling up my sleeve. "An infected cut."

"That's nasty! Where'd you get it?" She scoffs. "This'll sound stupid, but a fucking tree branch." I laugh. She nods. "I can help." She smiles, starting to put disinfectants and bandages on it. I then roll down my sleeve, and it looks as if nothing happened.

We walk back to find Olivia gone.

Adelaide's POV (district 1)

Anthony's dead. Maria's dead. Keith tried to fucking kill me.

I am not safe. I am not safe. I am not safe.

Adelaide, why are you doing this? You sound like a crazy person!

What if you are crazy?

Joven's POV (district 3)

Keith laughs to death at my story. "Hey, it's not my fault she was changing at the pond!" I say defensively. "Yeah, but it is your fault for staying there and watching!" Keith cackles.

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